Hi guys! There’s been quite a bit of stress and new challenges recently both for me personally and for the Twitter-verse in general. So today I thought I’d share the love and list some of my favourite things to do when you just need to take care of number one. Some of these are things that I do myself as a way of making me feel better, so they might seem a little strange. You might not think washing dishes is self care, but anything that makes you feel better when you’re having a bad day counts, in my opinion! So here’s my 20 favourite self care tips and tricks!

  • Exercise – release those endorphins by doing any kind of exercise you love; even just a walk in the great outdoors is great
  • Tidy that space you’ve been ignoring for the last 18 months! It’ll give you a real sense of accomplishment (even if it’s just the dishes!)
  • Take a bubble bath with your favourite scents
  • Switch your phone off for an evening
  • Watch your favourite films

  • Phone that one friend who always makes you laugh
  • Ignore the news for a day
  • Mute certain triggering words on Twitter
  • Get your nails or hair done
  • Say no to an invitation

  • Have a good cry – sounds weird, but this one works every time!
  • Eat your favourite foods, savour every mouthful and don’t feel guilty
  • Write a wish list of goals for your future
  • Meditate for a few minutes, focus only on your own breathing (I also find this great for on-coming panic or anxiety attacks)
  • Cuddle a fluffy animal!

  • Do whatever activity makes you feel good about yourself – this could be as simple as shaving your legs or painting your nails
  • Read your favourite chapter of your favourite book
  • Get an early night
  • Blast your favourite music and sing along – I prefer to do this in the shower or car, wherever I’m alone!
  • Spend time with your favourite friends or family

Self care isn’t always about doing the thing you love the most. It can sometimes be as simple as taking care of yourself as a human being. Cleaning up after yourself, clearing that full sink of dishes, clearing out your old clothes or things that have negative memories all count as self care in my book. Anything that gives you a sense of accomplishment and satisfaction is game when it comes to looking after yourself.

Being afraid of disappointing people is often a big counter to caring for yourself. If you don’t want to go to an event, or see a friend despite having planned it all out, you are not obliged to. You can say no in the interest of helping yourself and focussing on your own well being. Anyone who doesn’t understand that isn’t worth feeling guilty over in the first place, so just cancel the plans. They’ll get over it! I hope these ideas give someone a helping hand to looking after themselves and making some time to just be, take stock, and fix what needs fixed.

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