Happy Sunday everyone! Today I’m giving you a closer look at some of my absolute favourite brushes. Some of them are high end and a couple of them are really affordable drugstore brushes. I’m really late to the party with Real Techniques brushes but now I have a few I absolutely love them! A good set of brushes can make your makeup life so much easier and I think it’s something that’s worth spending a little more money and time on building up.


I’ve done a post about Nanshy before, but that was just a spotlight post to talk about how lovely they seemed. I’d bought that set for my Mum for Christmas, but I’ve since added Nanshy to my own brush collection and I’ve been in love with the brand ever since! Their brushes are cruelty free, synthetic and available in really useful sets that basically mean you can do an entire makeup look with one set of brushes. My favourite three would have to be the blending brush, the angled detailer, and the powder. The powder brush is huge and super soft, making it perfect for that light dusting to set your whole face. The angled detailer creates a line that’s sharp to the point of being dangerous, and the blending brush creates that perfectly soft transition between shadows. These two eye brushes alone will help create the most beautiful eye look you’ve ever created!

Real Techniques

I’ve always heard amazing things about Real Techniques, but I’ve never bothered buying any of their brushes until recently. I can’t tell you how much I love both these brushes. The Expert Face brush has taken the crown from my Beauty Blender as my base applicator of choice. It gives me more coverage, more blending, a more seamless but natural looking base than anything else I’ve ever tried. The blush brush is not only super soft, but the tapered shape means you can either sweep colour over the cheeks, or focus it more in one area for sculpting. I’ve never really gone for drugstore brushes before but after getting these I’m such a convert to Real Techniques! They’ve got such a wide range of brushes and I have to shout out their YouTube channel as well. Pixiwoo is one of my favourite channels for proper makeup artistry and they nearly always use their own brushes and give tips for the best way to use them.

So those are my favourite brushes right now. High end brushes like Nanshy are an absolute treat if you can afford them, but if not, Real Techniques are fantastic reasonably priced brushes that will definitely do the same job for a fraction of the cost. Makeup brushes are one of my favourite things to buy and test out, there’s so many options out there for all kinds of makeup looks. I’ve found, with these drugstore brushes in particular, that they can be really surprising and become fast staples in any makeup kit.

What are your favourite brushes? Let me know!

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I can honestly say that I haven’t used real technique brushes either! The moment I have some spare money, I’m going to invest in a huge set of their brushes, because I always hear so many amazing things about them, and I’m glad you agree with everyone else xxx

Melina | http://www.ivefoundwaldo.com


Honestly Melina you’ll love them! They’re so much better than I was expecting for the price. I really want to try their new Blue range, it looks amazing! xxx


Ive never seen their blue range! I’m gonna start with the orange basics kit

Let me know what you think...