Surprise! Joke, clearly you all saw this coming since I can’t stop talking about the fact that we’re moving soon. I remember the last time we moved, I was so disorganised and packed things so haphazardly that it caused me loads of stress at the other end, so this time I’m determined to do it right. Learning from my mistakes last time and doing a little research on Google and Pinterest, here are my favourite packing tips to make moving house less stressful.

Number code boxes

This is by far my favourite tip and I got it from Pinterest. When you’ve packed a box, write a number on it and then in a notebook write a list of what’s in that number box. This is a great tip for several reasons. When you’re moving, boxes get so jumbled up and in the stress of the day you can forget where important things are. By creating a number key for the boxes you pile up, you’ll easily be able to check back and find what you need when you get to your new home.

Start early

Goes without saying I’m sure, but the earlier you start the calmer and easier this process will be. We still don’t have an exact date for when we’re moving, but I’ve started clearing out things I know I don’t want to take with me, and really fine tuning what I need to keep out and what can start going in boxes. When moving day comes, there’s always something you’ve forgotten, so by starting packing nice and early, you can get ahead of this and you’ve got time to make sure everything is exactly where it should be.

Save some pennies

We’ve known for a while that we’re moving, so I’ve been slowly collecting boxes from both my work and Dan’s for a while now. Boxes are surprisingly expensive and it builds up quickly. The last time we moved we spent hundreds on boxes because we had no other choice. But this time, we’re saving a huge amount of money by re-using boxes that are a good size for lifting, strong, and easily collapsed and rebuilt again. I’m also going to start doing this with things like bubble wrap and other packing materials that we’ll need. When you plan ahead you’re not only taking a lot of the stress away, but also saving a fortune on things that you’ll really only need once. And once you’ve moved you can post all your recycled boxes online and pass them on to someone else who needs a helping hand!

So there are my moving guidelines that I’ll be following over the coming weeks. I’d love to find some more great tips and tricks for moving home so if you have any let me know!

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I’m actually moving within the next month or so, and I’m so excited, and I have to say that these tips helped me a lot! I deff like the idea of numbering the boxes so I know what room to put them in and stuff, super helpful liv xxx

Melina |


Awh thanks Melina! I really hope you find they help when the big move day comes! Are you moving anywhere exciting? xxx


I live really close to NYC, so i’m staying around the area that I am, I’m just moving out with a close friend of mine xxx


Awh sounds like fun! It’s so nice to be near family but still have your own space! xxx

My thoughts precisely!


Another version of the numbered moving box tip, color coded boxes! If you have craft supplies around like colored sticky notes to tape on, or colored tape, you’ll see that highlighter yellow sticky note meaning “kitchen” from a mile away when you’re desperate for a glass of water within a few moments of entering your new home hahah! 🙂


Love this idea Macy! I think I prefer it to numbering them! I’ll definitely be keeping this one in mind. Thanks for reading 🙂

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