Hey guys! New skincare alert – this Micellar water was sent to me by the lovely Skintifique team a few weeks ago and I’ve been trialling it out for them in place of my usual Garnier Micellar. Having used it for over a month now, it’s safe to say I’ve got an strong opinion about it!

The Skintifique Cleanser P* is paraben, cruelty, sulfate, gluten, alcohol, lanalin and BPA free (just to mention a few). The whole Skintifique range has been scientifically developed by doctors and professors who wanted to develop skincare that reduced the level of toxic metals, like nickel, in the skin. The result is a full range of skincare, that not only protects your skin from pollutants and metals, but also removes makeup, fights other skin problems like eczema, and leaves you with balanced, healthy skin. They even have skin-problem-specific packages on their website to make things easy for eczema and psoriasis sufferers!

The Cleanser P is, at first glance, a bog standard Micellar water, but I’ve actually been really surprised at the difference between it and the drugstore micellars I’ve tried in the past. Garnier has always been such a favourite of mine, but the Cleanser P is actually better. It removes heavy makeup very easily, which means there’s less chance of my eyes getting irritated by endless scrubbing with cotton wool, and it does leave my skin feeling really clean.

I like the way this skincare range developed and evolved as well. One of the founders of the company started developing the technology that’s now used in Skintifique to combat a nickel allergy that he was suffering, so this brand is really a labour of love that’s grown over the years. With a now complete range of skincare for some of the most common and damaging skin issues, Skintifique is now a really interesting, unique company with a great range of items.

My favourite thing about the Cleanser P is that it’s as convenient as any other Micellar water, but it has so many added benefits, with so few ingredients. There’s only 5 ingredients total in the cleanser, and one of them is simple water! I love that it’s so simple but so effective; removing toxic metals and pollutants and protecting your skin from further damage.

This cleanser is really lovely, and I really like the fact that it comes from a start-up company with such a great ethos. Having good skincare means my breakouts are more under control, and I really feel like this cleanser has been a very effective but gentle addition to my routine. It hasn’t caused me any new breakouts, and it doesn’t leave a residue like so many Micellars you see.

Verdict: Skintifique have made a lovely Micellar water. It’s a great company with a great ethos, and the products seem to be really nice. The one gripe I have with this cleanser is that £12.07 for 200ml of Micellar water does seem a little expensive to me, but for the technology and thought process behind it, I’m not too annoyed by it. Personally, I wouldn’t spend over £10 on a Micellar if that’s all I was ordering. Once you factor in shipping costs, it seems a bit much to me. But I really do like this cleanser and if I had skin with allergies, or more severe problems, I’d spend the extra money and get the full range from them, because it really is a lovely product. 9/10, would purchase myself if my skin was really problematic and needed the extra care.

*This post contains PR samples gifted to me by the mentioned company. This does not colour my opinion in anyway and all the views expressed in this post are 100% my own and unbiased.

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