The return of Beginner Beauty after what feels like an age! Last time I did one of these posts, I focussed on the essential tools required to perfect base makeup, if you missed it, you can check it out right here. And today we’re moving on to the next step in makeup skill goals – brows

Brows are, traditionally, the gorgeous frame around the artwork that is your face. But more recently they’ve become hugely popular in their own right. The infamous InstaBrow is a great example of this. And while I admire the skills in making ones eyebrows so perfect looking, I don’t actually like them in real life all that much. InstaBrows need to be done perfectly, and you need a perfectly symmetrical face to pull them off properly. Since most people don’t have a perfectly symmetrical face, we have to do things a little differently.

“Eyebrows should be sisters, not twins” is very true, but girl, they better be sisters and not total strangers passing in a dark alley on a drunk Saturday night. So to help avoid that, here are the tools you could use to get your own personal perfect brow.


The shape of your brows should really be dictated by the shape of your face, and there’s a ton of articles and videos on how to determine which brow shape is the best for you. My personal face and brow shape was very much inspired by old Hollywood actresses I wanted to look like, and I got lucky in that my Mum and I look so similar, as well as having a similar face shape. If you missed my brow inspo post about this, check it out right here. Finding a shape that you like, you can then simply copy it, or even take a stencil if you want extra help. Some really tiny scissors and a good pair of tweezers will help you keep those lovely brows in check. When trimming your brows, don’t forget to brush the hairs up first, trim the super long parts, and then brush the hair downwards and trim again. Try not to overpluck, but if you do, it does grow back and you can always fill in as below!


If you’re unsure about filling in your brows, start with a powder product, it’s way more forgiving and you can clean it up so easily. If you’re feeling a bit more old school, eyebrow pencil is an option, but in all honesty, it terrifies me. I have this L’Oreal one, pictured, purely because I need it for an upcoming makeup look I’m doing, but if I’d had any other options when shopping for that look, I would not have picked this up. You need a light hand and a steady one at that! My personal favourite for filling in my own brows is a gel, as it’s easy to work with and gives me a really intense colour. I don’t use a gel everyday (in fact I stick to powder on a daily basis for speed) but when I do use it, I always have a great brow day!


I can only show one product for brow setting as all I use is clear gel, but there’s loads of options inlcuding waxes and pomades, and hack tricks like a spritz of hair spray on a spooly that do a great job too. Setting my brows is an essential step when I’m using powder for the colour, as it can smudge or move in rain or hot environments. Gels do a great job at separating the hairs and keeping them in place for a really naturally defined brow that lasts all day.

So those are, in my opinion, the three main things any beauty beginner should know about brows. I’m so glad the fashion for over-plucking is long gone, as it’s a nightmare to grow them back once they’re really badly overdone, but if you are in that position, there’s so many amazing options and tools these days. If you get to know your face and if you look after your brows well enough, you can easily maintain a beautiful frame that sets you up for the rest of your makeup application!

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