Hey guys! You’re probably wondering what the hell I’m doing posting photos of toilet roll on my blog. And the simple answer is the other week I decided I was sick to death of the cheap looking plastic beige monstrosity that used to live on the wall, so I took myself off to the beach and then to a local hardware shop and got a super cute DIY project on the go!

I really want to start doing more DIY projects around the Gypsy Van and having recently fallen in love with The Sorry Girls over on YouTube, what I’d really like to do is start trying things I see on YouTube or Pinterest, and then bring them to you guys right here so you can see if they really work. To kick off my new DIY posts though, I’ve just started with a super simple toilet roll holder that also doubles as a shelf. Living in a caravan the one thing you learn is that you never have enough storage or shelf space. Even just somehwere small to put your phone down every now and then is lacking in a caravan, so I’ve added it in.

To make something similar to this, you’ll need a few bits and pieces, and about 20 minutes one lazy Sunday afternoon! It was so easy to make that even I managed it, and it’s made my bathroom look so much nicer. For this project I used a piece of flat driftwood I found on a beach, a really simple chrome plated toilet roll holder, and some small, right-angle brackets and six screws. You’ll also need a ruler or straight edge, a pencil, a Philips head screwdriver and a very fine saw suitable for wood.

The first thing I did was work out how big I wanted the driftwoof shelf to be. For working this out, I took the old holder off the wall and used it to mark on my driftwood how wide it was. Then all I did was draw a line from one side to the next and cut along it. If you’re using driftwood like me, you don’t even need to do this neatly. Driftwood is so asymmetric that any really straight and angular lines would look really strange.

After my piece was cut to the right size, I simply buffed the sawn edge with sand paper to round it off a bit and take away any really angular sections. It’s honestly such an easy thing to do with driftwood as it’s so soft and ‘roughs up’ really easily.

Next I screwed in the chrome toilet roll holder on the underside of the wood and did the same with the two tiny right angle brackets. This is also really easy to achieve on driftwood, and you just have to make sure your brackets are going to be flush with the wall you’re mounting it on and not the near edge of the wood itself – don’t forget that driftwood has rounded corners on the edges so it won’t sit flush if you don’t measure it against a flat surface to get the right alignment.

Then all I did was mark and drill a couple of holes into the wall it was to go on and screw the other side of each bracket in. Job done! A super easy DIY that took me all of 20 minutes but it really sets the tone I want for the toilet in the Gypsy Van. The next thing to do in that room is add shelves above the toilet for more storage and I’ll be using reclaimed/rustic wood for those as well. Then I can dress the window and hang a cute picture and it’ll be one more thing off the to-do list!

I hope you all like the idea of some DIY related posts in the future. I’ve got a crazy few weeks coming up so I’m going to be doing a lot more DIY around the Gypsy Van and would love to share it with you all. None of it is really complicated and I’m not an expert at all so it’ll be fun showing everyone exactly what you can do as a total DIY novice!

Let me know what you think...