So, you may recognise this week’s product from my haul, and in that post I promised a full review or two of my favourite products from that haul and here’s the first. The Dr PawPaw Tinted Peach Balm has been a surprising winner for me from this haul as I’m reaching for it literally every day of the week.

Pawpaw is a fruit commonly found in parts of America and Australia mostly. It’s full of lovely things like anti-oxidants, and when used in cosmetics or as a balm product, it gives really effective relief to dry skin and minor irritations. The Tinted Peach Balm from Dr PawPaw has all of that lovely moisturising goodness, plus a hint of colour to make it super wearable and more cosmetic than just a straight balm.

Firstly, the 25ml tube is a great size, and I was surprised by how much product that actually equates to. I use the tiniest amount over my cream blush, on my lips every day to create a lovely dewy, natural lip that’s well protected. A little goes a long way on cheeks as well, and in a pinch, I could use this to relieve dry skin when there’s no other option. The amount you get for such a great price is amazing and will last for ages.

The texture of the Dr PawPaw balm is also really gorgeous. It’s not greasy like Vaseline can be, and it feels much more moisturising. It also sinks into the skin beautifully, leaving just the slightest flush of colour. I’ve used this balm on my cheeks, on top of CC cream, for a truly simplistic ‘no makeup’ look. On cheeks or lips this product glides on smoothly and leaves no residue at all, just soft, tinted skin. Perfect for a quick and easy flush of colour for those low-key days.

I think my favourite thing about the Dr PawPaw balm would have to be how well it does as a moisturising product. It’s not going to last all day, but once the product itself is long gone, there’s a lovely softness left behind that’s not only really satisfying, but also means I’m not having to use any lip balm over night anymore! Usually I would apply a lip balm right before going to sleep at night, and then after ten minutes I have to rub it off because a cat has decided to lie right across my face and I get a tonne of cat hair stuck to my Vaseline! Using this pawpaw balm during the day means I can leave that final step of my night time routine out and then Lola or Violet can lie wherever they want at night and I don’t have to worry about bringing up hairballs the next day. Winning.

Here’s a swatch of the Tinted Peach Balm on my hand. This one is such a perfect colour for my pale skin as it’s so close to my natural colouring.

Verdict: I’m beyond delighted I chose this product as part of my haul! It’s been an amazing surprise and such a useful product to simply throw in my bag once my makeup is done for the day. A gorgeous formula, great results, looks lovely on the skin, multiple uses, and for £6.95 I think it’s amazing value. 10/10, would and probably will repurchase!

Have you tried any pawpaw based products? What did you think?

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