It’s Hump Day again and we’re already a week into June! I can’t believe how quickly this summer is passing; we’re well and truly into it now, and there’s some things that you just can’t be without to get through those rare but beautiful summer days and weeks. Today I’m breaking down my absolute favourite summer essentials, and why I can’t be without them.

Sunnies that slay

There are days (rare but still real) where the weather is just too damn hot to be wearing a full face of makeup, or you want to go about your day without squinting blindly into bright sunshine. Finding the perfect pair of sunnies fixes both these problems. Personally, I love big, almost old-school glam glasses. These black Miami sunglasses from Coconut Lane are my 2017 staple for adding instant summer glamour to any outfit, and they hide any really dodgy no makeup days! Don’t forget you can use my discount code for 20% off anything on Coconut Lane, simply enter staticgypsy20 at check out.

Protect that skin

Even when it’s not blazing sunshine, you can still burn, especially if you have the palest of the pale skin like I do! Pretty much every knows by now that I favour a factor 50 sun block and this Riemann P20 SPF 50 spray is perfect for me because it can be worn under makeup, and only requires once daily application. Technically, Riemann state that the factor 50 is for when you’re in extreme heat and sun like anywhere along the equator, but for me during summer in Scotland it’s working wonders! I love that just one application gives you ten hours of reliable sun protection and it’s not at all greasy and won’t leave a residue.

Don your cap

Another way of protecting my pale self from the sun, an uber glam hat is a great way to protect not only your skin, but also your hair. I colour my hair quite regularly, and it takes a lot of work since there’s quite a bit of it! So of course I don’t want the harsh sunlight bleaching all that glossy black dye and ruining my colour. A low bun teamed with this simple black hat keeps my hair and face in the shade, and makes me feel like an old Hollywood movie star!

Summers may be short lived in the UK, even more so in Scotland itself, but when it does show up, it’s always so beautiful and I want to get out and enjoy it as much as I can. I really like to keep myself out of the sun though, both for obvious reasons like the health of my skin, and also to avoid premature ageing, and that really ugly, peeling stage of sun burn! What are you summer favourites? Let me know!

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