Happy Sunday everyone! Summer is upon us (for now anyway) and I’m feeling all pastel about things. And by ‘feeling pastel’ I mean just makeup, because I dont wear colour. Ever.

Anyway, so I was browsing Cult Beauty and found this stunning Zoeva palette and just had to have it! I’ve got the worst confession to make here – I’ve never owned a single Zoeva product before. But I was more than happy to change this fact when I clapped my eyes on the Sweet Glamour palette!

So, in the Sweet Glamour palette, you get ten shadows in a variety of finishes and very much in the pastel, summer colour spectrum. At £18.00 on Cult Beauty, this works out at £1.80 per pan, and each pan has a net weight of 1.5 grams. This palette is a mix of matte and shimmer shades, and there’s a good mix of both in each of the possible colour combinations.

The packaging is simply stunning. I love the design and it’s really well made. It feels like a much more expensive product to be honest.

When I swatched the colours I was pleasantly surprised. They’re really soft and buttery and most of them have a good, high colour pay off. The lighter, shimmery shades are a little less opaque than they seem in the pan, but they’re really pretty and perfect for shimmery, highlighted looks.

I can see myself using this palette a lot over the summer, as the colours are ideal for so many different occasions. You could easily do both really natural, soft looks, and build up the pigmentation for a more colourful one. The colour story itself is also really gorgeous and I know I’d likely use all the colours a good amount. In particular, the shade Profusion is stunning as a transition colour and for building depth, and everyone know I love a good matte white shadow to lay down as my base, so Fuzzy Haze is a winner here.

Here are the swatches of the whole palette, and some of them are so pale that they do get lost on my skin tone! But the shimmer in reality is actually very obvious and really pretty. They’d be perfect as highlighter shades for pale skin, and would look stunning on darker skin tones as well.

As a first product, I’m actually really impressed by this palette, and it definitely doesn’t put me off trying more Zoeva products. I see so may good things about the brushes and I’d definitely be tempted now I know what sort of quality Zoeva create. Is it the best palette ever? No. But it is a lovely, pretty, versatile summer piece that I think for £18 represents pretty good value.

While it may not be the most exciting palette around, I feel like the colours in the Sweet Glamour palette are really user friendly, they’re very blendable, very easy to work with, and you could easily reach for this palette day to day. I can only say that about one other of my eye shadow palettes, so that’s a pretty big bonus!

Verdict: I’m glad I chose this palette as my first Zoeva palette, I’d definitely try other products from the brand and this palette is a great addition to my kit. 8/10, took a couple off for the lack of pigment in some of the lighter shimmer shades, but other than that, this palette is a simply lovely experience.

Have you tried this palette? What else should I try from Zoeva? Let me know below!

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