Happy Hump Day lovely people! This week I sat myself down to write this post and thought I’d do a little general life update as I have some news that’s finally to the point that we can talk about it with any level of certainty!

So, for a long time now my mum has been wanting to keep hens, grow her own food, and generally become more self-sufficient. And because of that, she’s decided to sell her house, and we recently signed the contract to get the house on the market with a local agent. And that means that at some point the Gypsy Van will be moving to an unknown location and we’ll be doing even more work to it! I’m so excited for when this happens, and I’m planning on filming the whole process as we have some really cool plans for our new home when we find it.

One of the main things Mum and I are both really passionate about is creating a home that’s not only reflective of who we are as individuals, but also really environmentally concious, with the smallest footprint imagineable so we can have loads of space that will be dedicated to permaculture. The dream is to buy a plot of land, make my Gypsy Van and a chalet for mum really energy efficient, plant loads of trees and create loads of safe spots for wildlife and plant life, and then for Mum to grow her own fruit, vegetables, and keep chickens.

Of course, because at some point I’ll have to move the Gypsy Van, I’ve been on a mission to make sure the old girl is as structurally sound as possible. Since moving into my caravan, I’ve pulled out most of the fitted furniture, so I’ve lost a little structural support. I’ve also had a couple of leaks over the last winter, and just the other day Dan had to order a new cistern for our toilet and replace the old one as it was leaking really, really badly.

With the cistern fixed now, we can lay the floor in the toilet, and move on to fixing the other leak. Until we pulled up the carpet in the living space, we didn’t know where the leak was coming from, so it was impossible to fix. Now though, we know where the hole is, and once the floor in that corner has dried out properly, I can get outside, fix the leak and then comes the fun task of cutting out and replacing all the damp and rotten insulation and plaster board in that corner. I’m pretty confident that once that’s done, it’ll make that wall easier to reinforce and therefore make it strong enough to move the caravan.

I think what worries me most about moving the van is the age she is. When I bough her and had her moved, she was probably already 30+ years old (just the oven alone gives her age away). The problem with such an old caravan is that they’re not exactly designed for such long term use, so it’s going to be really nerve wracking having it pulled onto the back of a lorry and hauled off!

While we won’t be moving far, and while we’re going to stay in the area we’re already in, I’m really excited to move somewhere so different and start such an exciting project! While we wait for the house to sell, I’ll be trying to get as much done in the Gypsy Van as possible so it’s as finished as possible when the time to move finally comes. We’re also hoping it won’t take too long for the house to sell, as it took over 2 years for our house in England to sell and that’s a long ass time to be showing strangers around and constantly getting ones hopes up. Moving is not my favourite thing ever, and I’ll be glad when it’s all over, but it’s also a really exciting new chapter that we’re heading into and, unlike the last time we moved, we’re all really looking forward to it!

I’ll be doing the occasional update on how this process goes over the next few weeks/months/however long it takes. When the time to move actually comes I’m intending on filming the whole process and hopefully doing a series of vlogs about it too. Since we’ll be doing a lot of the work ourselves it’ll be a really interesting project to have film to look back on!

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