I’ve been dying to show you guys this haul for a while now so I’m super excited to be doing this post today! A little while ago I got an email from the lovely people at Chemist.co.uk asking if I’d like to choose £50 worth of products from their site to post about on TSG, and of course I was delighted to go shopping with them.

Chemist.co.uk is, to be honest, a relatively little known website I imagine. I’d never heard of them, and unless you were specifically looking for a chemist online, you probably won’t have either. They’re essentially an Internet based version of the standard chemist shops here in the UK. Everything from baby stuff to prescription medications are available on their site and I had loads of fun looking through everything.

Of course, me being me, I went straight for the beauty section and found a whole load of things to choose from. I was able to stock up on some old favourites and found some new things to try out as well. I might bring full reviews of some of the pieces I’ve not tried before, but for today I’m just doing a quick breakdown on the things I chose. So let’s get straight into the goodies I got!

The first products I chose were all from Eylure. I love Eylure products that I’ve tried in the past, and of course their false lashes are essentials for any makeup lovers kit! I wanted to try a new brow gel though, and when I saw the Brow Control & Shape Gel I figured it would be as amazing as other Eylure products. I also got myself a pair of the 107 lashes as they’re my absolute favourites.

Some of my longer term readers might remember I did a review of the Eylure Dybrow kit and fell in love with it. It was such a quick and easy way for me to get lovely dark, glossy brows. Anyway, after I used up that kit, I didn’t repurchase as I simply had more important things to spend money on. So you can imagine my delight when I spotted it on Chemist.co.uk and how quickly it went into my basket!

The next product I chose was the Dr PawPaw Tinted Peach Balm, which you can use on both lips and cheeks. It’s actually a much bigger tube than I was expecting so I know it’ll last ages and I’m really hoping the colour is as nice on me as it looks when I swatch it.

Then I grabbed the Porcelain shade of the LA Girl Pro Conceal. I’m always on the look out for drugstore concealers that might actually be pale enough for me. And since the NYX one I’ve been using recently is now oxidising terribly whenever I wear it, I’m desperately looking for another one to replace it quick sharp! In the tube this does look quite yellow, so I might do a full review of this one to really give all us pale girls the real Tea on it.

I’ve also recently been struggling to find a mascara I like that isn’t the L’Oreal Miss Hippie. I picked up this Rimmel Scandaleyes Retro Glam mascara and I’ve used it once so far. I’ve had a lash lift this week past so it’s impossible to say if this mascara is any good. I’ll wait to use it again once my lash lift wears off and I can really see what it’s like. I love the look of the wand though so I have high hopes for this one.

Whenever I go to choose a nail colour for myself, I think ‘God I need more work-friendly nude shades in my life’ so when I saw the huge number of Jessica nail colours on Chemist.co.uk I trawled through them and found a really pretty shade called Stripped Naked. This one is only 7.4mls so it’s tiny, but for all the chances I get to paint my nails these days it’ll last me a good while I think. A perfect nude for summer, I know I’ll use this quite a bit.

Anyone whose read TSG knows I love Garnier skincare. And now I’m 26, I’m starting to think about age prevention, especially around my eyes as I smile and laugh a lot! I’ve heard good things about the Skin Naturals Miracle Eye Cream so I’m currently trialling this in my skin care routine. So far I really like it. It gives a nice immediate reduction to the dark circles and fine lines around my eyes, and it’s been really easy to add it into my skin routine without forgetting. I’ll be interested to see what the longer term effect is!

The last thing I chose for my shopping spree was the iWhite Whitening Toothpaste. Everyone’s heard of iWhite, and while I’d love to try their actualy whitening kits, I’ve always been a bit hesitant of spending that amount on something that may not work. If this toothpaste proves eefective then I’d be more willing to splurge on a proper kit to see if the results are better with it. It’s not the cheapest toothpaste I’ve ever bought, so I’ll be disappointed if it doesn’t work!

In all honesty, for a website I’ve never heard of ,I’m really pleasantly surprised by what I found on Chemist.co.uk. The range of beauty products they have is really impressive, and while most of it is not the newest of the new, their product range is one of the most extensive I’ve seen for drugstore beauty. I think the website could do with a little updating, as it does feel quite old fashioned, and I think they’d make a killing with a more complete range of some of their brands (Garnier for example always sells well, why not get the full range?) but all in all I really like this company! There were also loads of the products I chose that were on offer with about 20% or so off the RRP so that was an added bonus.

Quick shipping, even to Skye, and a fair delivery cost as well, made shopping with Chemist.co.uk a really nice experience, and I need to thank them for giving me such a generous shopping allowance! I was able to get so much stuff for £50 and I’m really thrilled with it all. Conclusion: definitely coming back to this site for future drugstore beauty purchases! Love it.

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I hadn’t heard of this site before but they have a wide variety of stuff! The prices seem really good too and the postage not too bad. I’m tempted by a few of the Jessica polishes!

Beccah xx


I was really amazed at the postage too, it’s normally so expensive to get things posted to the Highlands of Scotland! The Jessica polishes are really lovely, some of my favourites 🙂 thanks for reading Beccah! x


Hi there- thank you for a great review of our website. I just wanted to let you know that I have taken your comments on board. We are currently going through a site redesign – I agree it now looks a little dated and we want to bring it up to date, and make it easier to use. We are also expanding our product range at quite a rapid pace. I will pass on your comments about Garnier – I’ll see what our buyer can do to expand the range. Again, thank you for a lovely post, and if you have any more comments, I’m happy to hear them.


Hi! That’s brilliant to hear, I can’t wait to see the new site and check out the new products! Garnier is such an amazing brand and the range of their products you carry currently is a great start. Really looking forward to seeing what comes next. Thank you so much for letting me go shopping and sharing my experience with my readers 🙂

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