There’s an entire sub-industry of beauty built solely on food-, drink- and kiss-proof lip colours. But sometimes you just need a good old fashioned lipstick, especially if, like me, you find liquid lip formulas mostly incredibly uncomfortable and drying. So this week I’ve been testing the Lipcote Original Lipstick Sealer that I picked up in Boots. A real pedigree in terms of classic makeup, this lipstick sealer promises to deliver a totally smudge free lipstick without having to compromise on the colour and finish of your chosen lippy.

Firstly the packaging is actually really cute. It’s really vintage and retro looking, simple, and the applicator is like a nail brush, which might seem a bit strange, but you get good coverage with nail polish with this style of applicator, so why not a lip product?

I should say right now that the smell is also akin to nail polish, which is not great. Why it smells like that is a bit beyond me, actually, because I doubt very much that you’d ever want to have the smell of nail varnish under your nose all day long! That being said, it does fade after a little while and then doesn’t smell of anything. Below is a photo of my freshly applied lipstick and Lipcote.

The rest of the product though is a huge, massive, disappointing, smudgey fail. Thankfully I tested this with a relatively nude shade of lipstick so when it went everywhere it wasn’t too difficult to clean up. But before I get into that, let’s talk about the application.

It stung like a Mother!! Seriously, there I was merrily painting it onto my lipstick and all of a sudden it stung like a b***h! Once it set I also realised that following the application instructions left the applicator itself covered in that colour lipstick. So by that point I couldn’t use it with any other colour or it would ruin the look of it. It was like applying top coat nail polish before the coloured layer is dry enough. And now I have a once-used bottle of stingy, useless nail polish for lips that I can’t use with anything except my YSL nude blush shade!

After a couple of hours there was very obvious fading

The outer packaging promises to deliver “smudge, feather, fade and kiss proof lipstick that lasts” and it fails on all fronts. In fact, in terms of my lip colour fading, it gave me no more longevity than the lipstick alone would have. It needed topped up after just a couple of hours and I felt like I may as well not have bothered with the Lipcote. It smudged as well, ending up on my teeth at one point. That’s pretty normal for me, I have crooked teeth and small lips so I’m used to that! But Lipcote should stop that and didn’t. Then it feathered and became really blurred around the line of my lips.

Smudged lip line

The ultimate test if any long lasting lip colour is the kiss test. Everyone knows that it’s impractical to expect even the toughest liquid lip formulas to last a full makeout session, but the occasioanl peck here and there shouldn’t do anyhting to disturb a long-wear lip product of any description. Since Dan was not only at work, but also doesn’t like this shade of lipstick on himself, I made do with a quick press on the back of my hand. And as you can plainly see, it is not kiss proof. Not even close.

I’m not even sure why this product has been around as long as it has. It simply doesn’t do anything it’s meant to. As for the stinging, it’s possible my lips were a bit more sensitive than I realised, or maybe they were a little dry or cracked, either way I’m not a fan of that bit either. The only thing I actually like about this product is the packaging, and the fact that now I’ve finished my notes for this post I can throw it away!

Verdict: 1/10 solely for packaging. I don’t even like the price as it’s such a terrible product it’s not worth any money at all, never mind the £3.69 it cost me. There are hundreds of other lip products for either less money, or pennies more that do a better job. Don’t waste your money!

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