Spoiler alert – no one wakes up looking the way they say they do. But it’s nice to think that someone somewhere might just be lucky enough to wake up looking perfectly reasonable isn’t it? Anyways, today’s makeup look is inspired by the recent viral Tweet of the incredible Gina Shkeda (which if you live under a rock, you can see here). She basically ‘outed’ herself as having lash extensions, micro-bladed brows and lip injections, and even she doesn’t wake up looking like the selfie her fan had cited as being her ‘wake up goals’. I love it for so many reasons, most especially because she’s so real about it – “I don’t even look like this” is possibly the realest thing I’ve ever seen a big YouTuber and Beauty Guru type. It’s a brilliant lesson in Internet Real versus Real Real.

So, for my ‘no makeup’ makeup look, I wanted to create a really fresh look with perfect skin and sparkly eyes. I’ve made use of some products in various ways, and haven’t used any contour, eye shadow, or too many powder products. Keep reading to see what products I did use below!





So, OK, when I sat down to do this makeup look I didn’t realise I’d end up using quite so many products! But it does go to prove that natural looking beauty is not actually very easy, and everyone should remember that when they see people they think are naturally perfect looking! Even with absolutely no makeup on, I still don’t look natural really.

If you think about it, we all get our brows shaped in whichever way we choose, some of us (like me) have to have large portions of our faces waxed on the regular, some of us will use lash and brow tints, we may have had surgeries of some sort, limp plumpers, fake tans, anything like that means that we don’t look natural. Even shaving or waxing our legs and under arms, dying our hair, cutting our hair even, takes away from the ‘natural’ aspect of how we look.

I think it’s something we should all remember when we see someone seemingly perfect with no help. Everyone needs a little help, even those amazing people who never wear any makeup, they’ve still got something ‘unnatural’ about them! To be honest, I dread to think what I’d look like with my natural hair colour, no skin care, brow shaping or waxing… It doesn’t bear thinking about really!

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