So for this week’s beauty post, I’m doing something a little different. New blogger and my lovely Mum recently did a review of three products from The Ordinary and she had a huge problem with one of the products (read her review here for her thoughts on the other two products). But, the High Adherence Silicone Primer caused her some major makeup issues, so we decided that I would trial it as well and see if the same thing happened to me.

The big problem she had was that it made her foundation move and ball up throughout the day. Even with two different types of foundation, she got the same results. So I’ve been trying it out for myself to see if it does the same for me. If it does, it’ll be a huge disappointment, and if it doesn’t then it could be as simple as a disagreement between the primer and her skin type. We have very different skin types, so I thought this would be a great little experiment for a product that experts like Wayne Goss really rave about.

I’ve been trialling this primer for a little while now, and chose to take it on the ultimate test when I went to Inverness for a day’s shopping and errand running. Driving two hours there, walking around in and out of heated buildings, through rain, through wind (obviously, this is Scotland), eating, laughing, chatting and driving two hours home again, was the best way I could think of to push this product as hard as possible to see if it acted the same with me as it did with Mum.

As with any review we start with the packaging – gorgeous, chic, photogenic AF and just general loveliness. Secondly I should note that The Abnormal Beauty Company and therefore, The Ordinary are cruelty free, which is a huge plus.

In terms of what this primer claims to do for your skin, it sounds pretty great. Long lasting makeup, smoother looking skin, less need to touch up through the day. And I have to admit, despite my apprehensions, it hasn’t fared too badly at all. My makeup during my day trip to Inverness didn’t react the same way my Mum’s had, there was no movement or balling up of my base, it lasted all day, and seemed to do well in the rain.

I’ll admit the formula is a little strange. It’s a little jelly like, then transforms into a more traditional gel once you start working it into the skin. It doesn’t really smell of anything which is fine by me, although I know some people prefer perfumed skin care and makeup.

I did have one slightly odd reaction with this product though, and it’s not something I’ve ever come across before with a primer.

I’m currently using the NYX Professional Concealer Wand as my under eye concealer. Granted it’s a touch too dark for my skin tone anyway, but since I started using it I haven’t ever noticed it oxidise and darken over the day. With this primer though that’s exactly what happened. By the time I got home from Inverness my under eye area was noticeably more orange than the rest of my face. My L’Oreal Infallible 24h Matte Foundation was fine, but something in the concealer and in the primer just didn’t agree with each other. Below is a photo of my makeup when I got home in the evening, and I’ve zoomed in on my under eye area too where you can see what looks like a shadow under my eye right above my cheekbone. That’s oxidised concealer!

I’ve never had that happen to me before with a concealer that works well for me in the past so this was a really weird reaction to note. The only thing that was different about my makeup routine that day was the primer, so I’ve come to the conclusion that the NYX concealer really doesn’t like The Ordinary primer at all!

Verdict: it’s such an amazing price at just £3.90, and didn’t react the same to me as it did to my Mum, but I wouldn’t use it again with this concealer. I might try it out with a different under eye concealer in the future to see if it is just the combination of the two products specifically, because, in all honesty, it confused the hell out of me when I first noticed it turning orange! I’d give this primer a 6/10 and I probably wouldn’t re-purchase it for myself. No one wants an even darker under eye area than they have naturally!

Have you tried this primer? Let me know your thoughts! I’ve seen so many people raving about it so is it just Mum and I having bad primer karma?

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Sounds like an interesting product might have to go on a little beauty splurge (sorry bank account) 😂 You seem a great blogger 😊


I feel like that every payday Sophie haha! Thanks so much that’s really sweet 🙂

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