Hi guys! The last few weeks I’ve been feeling really motivated with renovating the Gypsy Van which means I’ve been doing a bit of rearranging and detailing. In particular, I’ve been focussing on the living area, as Dan and I finally started on the floor in that part of the caravan which meant moving and clearing out a lot of stuff. That led me to decide to get rid of a vintage cabinet I’ve had since moving into the Gypsy Van, purely because I want to rearrange my other furniture to make room for a coffee table that Dan is going to build (which, now it’s on the Internet, he has no choice about!).

Anyway, of course that’s meant that I now have a few bits and bobs that need new homes, so I’ve been re-detailing the living room in order to fit them in and make everything look beautiful. My philosophy when decorating the Gypsy Van has always been to have a beautiful, calm, relaxing space that’s all about the things that make me happiest (to see the tips I use to create this, see my post about hygge). Of course, since Dan moved in that’s now become what makes us the happiest. And it’s given me a lot more inspiration to create a space that’s perfect for the two of us. So here’s some of the little details of the living area that really make it homely and unique to Dan and I and what our lives are all about.

The first thing I’ve done is move all my favourite photos to one unit, like a little gallery. Having got rid of the vintage cabinet, I only had one surface really to display all the most important photos on. So what I’ve decided to do is put them all up on the fitted TV/shelving unit, as you can see, and then re-use a stunning vintage chest as my TV unit (when we have a TV that is, it’s on the shopping list!).

Arranging photos can easily look pretty dull, but if you get a wide range of different frames, and different sized prints of your favourite photos, you can create a really lovely looking gallery space. Most of the frames in the photo above came from Dunelm Mill, which is a great resource for well-priced, gorgeous frames in loads of sizes.

While I’m trying to have a more minimalist living space, I can’t resist unusual or sentimental bits and pieces lying about the Gypsy Van! In particular, I love old books, preferably either really beautiful or really ratty and beaten up (can you spot the plaster holding one of the spines together?!) Charity shops or vintage shops are great for old books. I’m pretty lucky in that there’s a tiny shop on Skye that sells items from house clearances and they always have a tonne of old books looking for homes! I break them up with tea light holders, flower arrangements, and my small but lovely collection of vintage cameras (which come from the same shop) so that it looks really elegant and unique.

Speaking of flower arrangements, mine, if you haven’t noticed, are all fake. There are three big reasons for this; firstly, I have 2 cats who like to eat anything remotely plant-like, which makes them sick, which makes a mess; secondly, all the flowers in the Gypsy Van are also blog photo props that frequently get decimated in the search for a great photo; and thirdly I’m too lazy to be frequently changing real flowers as they start to die and look depressing!

Again, most of these flowers are from Dunelm Mill, although I found the gorgeous glass vase of pink roses in a Debenhams sale last winter. Having a mostly white home, flowers are a great way to bring a pop of colour in, and they stand out so beautifully against all the white.

Detailing a living space should be all about creating a home that is unique and beautiful to you and you alone. As long as you think it’s the most relaxing, stunning space you can create then you’ve done well! There’s nothing better than looking around your home and feeling a sense of joy and achievement, and really loving the space you live in really does make everything else that little bit better 🙂

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