So I’m sure we all know that one couple who constantly splatters the ins and outs of their relationship all over social media. Instagram posts of cringe-worthy private moments with ‘soppy’ captions like “bae <3” are enough to make anyone want to keep their own coupledom off the Internet, right? If you want to do that, that’s fine by me, each to their own, but there are times and situations that should never be broadcast online.

I’ve done both extremes of this. Constant posts about past boyfriends and equally not sight nor sound of a partner on any of my social media channels. And there are pros and cons of both ways, but I think a balance is best ultimately. So, here’s my hard-learned top 3 occasions you should simply not post whatever you’re about to!

When you’re fighting 

Pretty blooming obvious if you ask me. Unless you want your entire Facebook friends list thinking you’re both crazy for staying together after airing such filthy laundry so publicly, just leave this one between the two of you. If one day you’re calling each other snakes and the next you’re on a date night, it looks like you’re only together because you don’t want to be ‘alone’.

When you’ve actually broken up, but you’re getting back together…then you’re not…then you are…

Who the hell manages to keep up with this one?! In a relationship one day, single the next, round and round it goes until we’re all horribly dizzy. It’s not a good idea to go about one’s online existence this way for the simple reason that your online friends or followers will then automatically feel like they have a right to your relationship. If you do this, be prepared for plenty of people either asking you awkward questions, or (even worse) talking about it all behind your back and making huge leaps and conjectures.

When you only post about them to shove it in your ex’s face

A shiny new partner can be a real cause for gloating, and believe me when I say that I understand the temptation is difficult to avoid. After a nasty previous relationship, posting endless photos and statuses about your new other half looks like a desparate cry for the attention of that ex. Everyone wants that chance to prove to their ex that they’ve moved on to a better and happier relationship, but deliberately posting stuff about your new partner for this reason makes it look like you’re not really in the relationship, and you’re just using it as a way to annoy someone else.

So there are my three least social-media friendly relationship posts. If I’m honest, I have done all of these, and it takes a huge amount of will power sometimes to not still do some of it! I stopped posting things like this though because I realised that I didn’t like people thinking they had a right to my relationship. Even if it’s just gossip that you’re unaware of, I just don’t think it’s fair on a couple or their relationship to subject them to the judgement of everyone around them! Do you have anymore that you’d add to this list?

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I’m quite particular about what I post online, but my blog readers know about my boyfriend Matthew because we have to date long distance – he’s at University and it’s something I’ve been open about already. I don’t think anyone wants to read about someone’s row with their partner x


It’s something I see so much but I don’t think it helps at all. There’s definitely a huge difference between your following knowing about a partner and people just being crazy personal on social media! Thanks for reading 🙂 x


Literally this is why I rarely go on Facebook because of people are either writing things that’ll make me want to throw up lunch and then they’re fighting the next minute . I can’t say I know what it’s like not having a boyfriend before ( yep cat lady here! ) Lovely post honey and loved the pictures too ❤


Thanks so much Kloe! Hey losten, there’s nothing wrong with being a cat lady, I was a single one for years and even now I have my partner I’m still a cat lady at heart! They’re the best kind of people 😉 thanks for reading x


I totally agree with this. I don’t understand or see the point when either girl or boy in the relationship posts about their problem and diss each other why not just end it or deal with like adults. I haven’t been really public regarding my relationship. Good read!


I think it’s a huge flaw of social media these days isn’t it? It kind of encourages people to post things like that and it’s awful! Thanks for reading x

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