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I’m sure we’ve all discovered a beauty hack or two that has stuck with us across the years. But what about the lesser known hacks that are more like secrets? Going to an all-girls school, working for beauty brands and even meeting a few MUA’s along the way, I’ve picked up a handful of helpful beauty hacks. So I wanted to share with you my top 5 hacks you won’t be able to live without.

How to test that lippy

We’ve all been there. Countless hours trying on different shades in MAC, Boots or Superdrug. An hour later and the back of our hand looks like a unicorn spat out a rainbow! But did you know that best way to test out a new lippy was actually on your fingertip?

That’s because the skin on your finger is more similar to that on your lip. And therefore shows up the colour as close to how it would look on your lip. The skin on the back of your hand is very different, and in fact a different tone/shade to that on your face anyway. So for the truest colour match, test it out on your fingertip.

Problem skin remedies

Unfortunately we are not all blessed with amazing clear complexions like some of the airbrushed models we see. In fact breakouts are more common if you use make-up daily and therefore it’s inevitable to see a pimple or two come out to ruin our day. But before you fork out the cash for an expensive anti-blemish product, why not try some alternative home remedies?

I actually suffered from severe acne all throughout my teen years. Nothing worked and eventually I was given Roaccutane by my GP. However now and again, I still get a breakout and have found a few home remedies that work just as well and don’t cost the world.

Sudocrem has actually been a lifesaver for overnight breakouts! Originally used for nappy rash for babies (again, so glamourous right?). But is also recommended for minor burns, rashes and acne!

That’s not to say this will work for everyone, as everyone’s skin is different and some people have different reactions to different medicines or ingredients. But I do recommend testing it out for yourself and seeing what works best for you.

Same ingredients, different packaging

One recent secret beauty hack I discovered was that some high-end beauty products can come in the form of other brands/products. Where the ingredients would be identical but the use might be different. For example do you know what Lanacane is? Well it’s actually a barrier cream to stop chafing (I know, glamorous right?). But did you also know it has pretty much the same list of ingredients as one of the top primers out there?!

Same product, different use

Now onto my next hack, similar to the above, this one is all about repurposing an existing beauty product we all have in our cupboards! Dry shampoo is our go-to for greasy hair days, but did you know you can use it on clean hair too?

In fact using dry shampoo on clean just washed hair, will give it all the benefits of dirty hair (without the added grease!). We all love the feeling, weight and texture of 2nd day hair. Just not the grease that comes with it.

Spraying dry shampoo under the roots, not the top layer as you would do with greasy hair, will add a bit of weight and texture.

As slow as watching paint dry…

In a rush and can’t wait for that fresh mani to dry? There’s nothing worse than having to rush out after just applying a fresh coat and then discovering you’ve smudged that bright red polish on your white shirt!

A quick trick to help speed up the process, is to dip your freshly painted nails into ice water. Simply fill a bowl with water and ice cubes and dip your fingertips in for approximately 3-5 mins. I also suggest finishing off the drying process with a quick blast under the hairdryer (also to warm up your frozen fingers).

The ice bath will set the paint and speed up drying. And whilst it may not be 100% dry, there will be less chances of smudging the top layer.

So that makes my top beauty hacks, have you tried any of these yourself? Got your own beauty hack you can’t live without?

Thank you so much to Amanda for this amazing guest post! It was such a pleasure to work with Amanda and to host some of her beautiful writing and images on TSG. If you want to see more of what she’s up to, you can follow her over on Twitter and Instagram.

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