Hey guys! It’s Wednesday, or hump day if you will, and for this week’s lifestyle post, I’m bringing you a few pros and cons I’ve seen of self promotion. In particular, this is what I’ve learnt myself while promoting TSG on social media and occasionally in real life too.

The first thing I should say is that I’ve found self promotion really makes a huge difference in the traffic I get on my blog. Before I linked my WordPress to my Facebook, this blog was a very, very quiet corner of the Internet that only a handful of people looked at. Since doing that, and over-hauling my Twitter to promote the blog, I’ve found my views and traffic shoot up in a matter of weeks. It really is the biggest tool in your arsenal for any blogger I think! There are, however, some cons to it, and I list them further down.


  • You can pick and choose what you promote – this is a strong pro when you’re in charge of your own promotion. If you have a blog post, article, art work or anything that’s out in the ether and isn’t your proudest moment, you can simply omit that from your promotions.
  • Real conversations with followers, colleagues, & brands – nothing is better than getting messages or Tweets off people who love something you’ve produced. Being in charge of your own marketing means you can have as much or as little contact with the people who give you your traffic/sales/whatever you’re after.
  • You can have ‘off’ days if you want them – there are some evenings I just don’t have time to schedule Tweets, or days where I don’t really want to talk to people in general. Self promoting means you’re in charge of your own schedule and can choose to have days where you’re quiet online or not as active in promoting your work.


  • If you promote too much it’s annoying – realistically, no one wants to see 10 Tweets an hour asking them to read your blog or watch your latest video. By constantly over promoting your work all you really do is alienate your following and look really annoying.
  • Sometimes you feel like an egotistical troll – I have days where I feel a bit weird about the number of people who read my blog posts. There are times when my blog publishes automatically to my Facebook page and it looks a lot like I love myself and my work to the point I want to clog up my own timeline with it. Don’t get me wrong, I love my blog and work very hard at it, but when no one engages with a Facebook post, it feels a bit like the world thinks you’re just up yourself!
  • It takes up hours and hours of your life – if you’re creating anything and running it like a little business, promoting it often takes longer than producing the work in the first place. There will be days you don’t physically have time to promote something, and that’s fine! Quite simply, online promoting, talking about your product, creating marketing of any kind takes a huge amount of time.

Self promotion is a great tool for anyone in a creative industry, but it’s a catch 22. Without it, no one sees your work in an already overly saturated market; with it, you can feel a bit silly, or like it’s wasted time and does no good. Having seen my blog posts jump from an average view of about 20 a month to 1,500 + a month though, I can assure you it is worth it and it does work!

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Self promotion is such a big part of having an active blog, but you’re right – it takes time and effort to keep up with it! I guess at the end of the day it all depends on what your end goal is 🙂

Britt | http://alternativelyspeaking.ca/


Absolutely Britt! The effort definitely pays off but it can be difficult to stay motivated with it. Thanks so much for reading 🙂


This is a great post, as a new blogger I think the hype of self promotion has pulled me in but even I have to limit how much I post on a daily basis to keep the balance between promotion and annoying people! Xx



It’s such a juggling act isn’t it?! Thanks for reading Zara 🙂 xx


I personally only promote my blogposts once on my Twitter & Instagram when it’s been uploaded and then basically never again – probably not the best way to gain traffic though! It’s not that I don’t love what I write, it’s that I don’t want to annoy my followers with constant promotion – as you said it’s all about balancing between promoting & actually tweeting. I used to schedule tweets but I stopped because it just didn’t really feel like ‘me’ if that makes sense? After reading this I think I may rethink promoting my blogposts – perhaps about 2 a day or something like that- I’ll have to think more on it!



I do 5 Tweets a day, but they’re all hours apart and it really does make such a huge difference! Days where I don’t schedule Tweets I really see a dip in my stats. But I agree, it’s tough to make them seem real and like something you would actually Tweet! I think it’s best to do exactly what you’re comfortable with 🙂 Thanks for reading x


As my blog is primarily creative writing, I feel a bit weird promoting it. It’s also harder – if you do reviews or fashion or things like that, I find it’s easier to drop a tweet as it’s informative stuff, whereas my posts don’t really leave the reader with new information. And that’s why I don’t self promote. Also there’s one person I follow who pretty much only self promotes and it makes me uncomfortable and I never want to be like that.

Thank you for your post, however. It’s really insightful and now I feel a bit more confident about promoting my work. I’ll give it a go soon!



Hi Carly, I agree it’s a funny feeling to get ones head around! I think it’s majorly up to personal preference, and if your creative writing is something that promotes itself then you’ve cracked a very hard nut! Beauty and lifestyle blogging is more informative, but also maybe more overly saturated, so it’s nice to try and do what you can to stand out. I’ll be sure to head over to your blog and check out your work, I love creative writing! Thanks for reading and for taking the time to comment x


I’m only starting to get the hang of self-promotion, but I’m always conscious about doing it too much. Nobody wants my link being shoved in their face, so I throw suggestions here and there haha x



It’s such a weird feeling to get used to isn’t it? I just always think that 5 tweets a day is tiny compared to the number of tweets people will see in their feeds haha!

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