Happy Sunday guys! Spring is well and truly here, so today I’ve compiled a little collection of spring to summer nail colours, from Essie, that will get you through the sunny seasons and have your claws feeling fabulous. None of these colours are completely new, but all of them are perfect for this time of year and really classic shades.

I like my nail colours to be pretty neutral, unless I’m painting them for a special occasion or a specific look. Anything that I can wear to work without it being too obvious is great for a normal week. Although I will say you will never be able to beat a classic Pin Up red! But for day to day neutral is the easiest nail palette to work with as it simply goes with everything and looks super chic.

Nothing Else Metals

This is a lovely lilac metallic shade that’s perfect for giving that bit of summer sparkle. Team it with a glitter top coat and you’ve got a really pretty special occasion nail look. A single coat will give you a really translucent, almost pearlescent look, or double up for a lilac neutral.

Jiggle Hi Jiggle Low

A great metallic for a slightly more glitzy nail look, this shade is beautiful muted gold. I personally love this one because it’s not overly yellow and has a really cool undertone, making it perfect for pale hands like mine! This is really a great shade for the whole year, but I think for spring/summer, it’s really nice for things like weddings or just when you want to feel a little more glam.

Lady Like

Lady Like is the perfect neutral. I use this a lot for work, interviews, and more formal occasions. It’s a really gorgeous on its own, with  matte top coat, glitter, or anything else you might want to throw on it! Perfectly neutral, and perfect for spring.

Merino Cool

Merino Cool is a cool toned mauve colour. Maybe this one isn’t entirely counted as neutral, but it’s such a pretty spring colour I know I’ll get loads of use out of it! With it being a fairly pale colour still, I’m kind of shoe-horning it into the neutral category here because it still goes with so many things and it’s really versatile.

Petal Pushers

The last shade in this spring lookbook is again perhaps a little bit of a stretch, but look how pretty! Petal Pushers is almost grey in tone with a beautiful bluey/purple look to it. Very summery and adds to your quota of pastel beauty!

Essie really do make the most gorgeous nail colours. The finish and lasting power as well as the prices and shade range are all amazing; I find myself reaching for Essie polishes more and more as the summer is heading my way. Some of these shades are also great for all year round. Jiggle Hi Jiggle Low would be great for Christmas or New Year for example. Definitely worth investing in if you’re looking for some great staple polishes for your collection!

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