Hey guys! I’m super excited to be home from Edinburgh and to be bringing my first ever vlog to The Static Gypsy!

As you’ll all already know, Dan and I went to Edinburgh last weekend. It was my first time visiting the capital of Scotland, and of course I took loads of photos and video footage for this post! I’ve never in my life done anything like this, so I hope you all enjoy the new form of content! I need to say a huge thank you to Dan for recording the music for this. He did an amazing job and his tracks really helped inspire the feel for my vlog! He’s a pretty alright kind of guy really.

So, on the Friday we left Skye for Edinburgh and took the scenic route through Glencoe. Maybe not the fastest route, but it’s been ages since I was down that way and I have a lovely man who didn’t mind doing that thankfully! Once we got to Edinburgh we spent a couple of days exploring and of course on the Saturday night we went to see Postmodern Jukebox. The gig was so much fun but obviously I couldn’t use any footage I took there in my vlog, so I’ve settled for a photo of my Rockabilly inspired outfit from the night. I ordered some 50s capri trousers from Collectif Clothing and amazingly they fitted my pear shape perfectly!

I hope you guys enjoy my first ever video on my blog. If you like this kind of content please do let me know in the comments!

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