Happy Wednesday everyone! This week, in keeping with the awesome weekend I have coming up, I’m breaking down exactly what I’ll be packing for our three days in Edinburgh.

I’m the world’s worst over-thinker, and as such packing is hard work for me. I have to be so strict with myself so that I actually have room for things I need, rather than just things I think I’ll maybe need for all of ten minutes! Packing for a long weekend in a city only hours from your home should be very easy, so I’ve been really tough with myself and these are the top tips I’m sticking to!


Let’s be honest here, two out of the three days I’m away I’ll be in the car travelling and taking photos/video (watch this space for a post about that!) so comfy clothing is an absolute must. I’m sticking to the basics with what I’ll be wearing – just leggings and slouchy tees and knitwear with my Docs. In my suitcase I’ll be taking clean t-shirts, pyjamas, my jeans and my outfit for the Saturday night at Postmodern Jukebox. The trick with packing light here is to only take what you absolutely need; if you don’t need 7 pairs of shoes, just take one extra pair for going out in the evening.


The easiest thing to do to make sure your makeup doesn’t take up too much space is to make sure you take multi-use products. Eyeshadow palettes, lip kits, reusable falsies & long wearing products are your best friends when it comes to packing light. If you have a shadow palette of 35 colours, plan makeup looks that use only these products. Something like a Crown 35 colour palette is really lightweight and thin, making it easy to pack, and it gives you so many makeup options in the one product.

Extra Tips

Packing accessories are like Tupperware. You can simply never have too much. My suitcase is a black and grey animal print one that I got years ago from Next, and it’s really quite spacious. I’ve had a week’s worth of clothes, makeup and accessories piled into it with room to spare for a little shopping. I use a makeup roll from MAC Cosmetics (bought donkey’s years ago now) which is a great way to fit more makeup into a smaller space, and I always carry my favourite Ted Baker makeup bag in my handbag, with all the essentials in it. Making use of packing aides like this is a great way to make sure you’ve not only got enough space, but you’re actually using less of it.

Other essentials include my sunglasses (I’m an optimist), my portable phone charger, camera equipment, iPod, and probably the most important thing for any long drive – snacks! Packing for a city break isn’t difficult, but saving room for souvenirs and making sure you have everything you need certainly can be! If you have any tips for packing light and being organised for a trip away let me know in the comments 🙂

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Ohh I do love Edinburgh and a good road trip! I travel for work so always seem to be carting around a suitcase – all for multi functional clothes and only taking one pair of shoes if I can!


Thanks Jasmin, it was amazing, we had such a great time! Definitely whenever I travel I like to keep things as easy for ymself as I can! Thanks for reading 🙂

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