Hey guys! Some of you will know from my Twitter that I recently caved in and jumped on the planner band wagon. When I was only working part time, I had every afternoon and evening to myself to work on other things like my blog, renovating the caravan, and seeing friends or family. But now I’m in full time employment, and post twice as much on my blog, I’ve started to feel a little overwhelmed by the sheer amount on my proverbial plate.

I figured I needed to get organised so that I could actually enjoy my life and not just be chasing my tail the whole time. So that’s exactly what I’ve done, and today I thought I’d share some of my top tips that I’ve picked up about getting organised and scheduling my life so that I have time to do what I want to do. I bought this planner from Love Give Ink and am absolutely in love with it!

Get Ahead of the Game

I’ve always been a planner, and I like to know what’s happening with as much notice as possible. Now that I’m actually really busy, I sit down on a Sunday evening and plan the week ahead. I write down which blog posts are publishing that week, which posts and photos I need to work on, any appointments I have, and anything else I need to do like housework, dates with friends, important phone calls etc.

Be Prepared to Say No

Once I’m ahead of the game planning wise, I can easily see what free time I have if people invite me somewhere. If I can make it, but don’t have much more free time than that in the week, then I’ll say no. I’m not massively social, and sometimes I’m just peopled out for a week! So learning to say no to people has been a God send when it comes to keeping my sanity and my beloved time alone.

Write Things Down

I have lists of things on my notes app on my phone, as well as my planner itself to keep notes on things I have to remember or that I want to come back to when I have time. Once something is written in my planner I can forget about it, confidently in the knowledge that I won’t accidentally miss it later on. Also great for blog post ideas, shopping lists, and those all important ‘things to Google later’ jobs!

Break Things Down

When everything starts piling on top of me, and I’m feeling really overwhelmed and stressed, I force myself to take a step back. Look objectively at everything you need to get done in a certain time frame and then break it down into smaller chunks. Rather than thinking ‘I need to accomplish 100 things by Friday’, I split it into ‘I need to do this on Tuesday, then this on Wednesday’. This way I can just take things one day at a time and can pretend the rest of the week isn’t happening yet. This has also saved my sanity on more than one occasion, not to mention it means I forget less day to day as I’m only focussing on that day itself.

Being organised with your time can stop all those awful feelings of drowning and I’ve really seen the benefit of having a written planner since I started using one. Do you have any top tips for organising a busy life? Let me know in the comments!

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Love the post! Where are the planners from!?


I got mine from Love Give Ink through Not On The Highstreet. They’re amazing quality and you can personalise them!


I think having a planner has been the biggest help for me this year, I just love to jot everything down – not to mention creating to-do lists! and I agree it is easy to become overwhelmed, sometimes we don’t even realize how overwhelmed we really are x



It’s amazing how much we can take on before we realise how close we are to crumbling under the weight of it all isn’t it? Thanks so much for reading xx


great post, i love to stay organize and organize my life


Thanks Roberta! I’m definitely seeing the benefits of it too!


i want to see this benefits too lmao! Do you want to check my blog?


I will do, thanks!

really thanks babe! Follow me if you want, i’ll follow you

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