Happy Sunday everyone! This week I thought I’d share my thoughts on some of the most gorgeous brushes I’ve ever seen. I bought these Nanshy brushes for my Mum as she needed a new set, and as soon as they arrived I was in love. I couldn’t wait for Mum to open the box so I could get a closer look at the quality.

The Masterful Collection is 12 pearlescent white makeup brushes that enable you to do a whole makeup look. Let’s break them down by type of brushes and see what they’re really like.


Stippling, powder, blush, contour, and a flat foundation brush make up this collections’ base brushes. They’re all really densely packed with synthetic bristles, and they’re all really soft and fluffy. I think on closer inspection the contouring brush in particular will be amazing for getting right under those cheekbones and creating a lovely blended shadow.


As far as eye brushes go, this set has everything you’ll ever need really, including blending, crease, flat shader, and pencil brushes for eyeshadow application. The blending brush is incredibly fluffy and would give a beautiful gradient to all those lovely transitions shades you have. Then you’ve also got a traditional liner brush, and an angled detailer which, in all honesty, is a perfect small, sharp brush for winged liner.


Finally, there’s a lip brush to complete this set (or there would be if I had been able to find it!). I love that there’s a lid for this brush as it makes it so easy to throw in your bag for touch ups during the day. I also really like the fact that it’s slightly different in design to the rest of the set.

All in all, I really like these brushes. They’re simply gorgeous to look at, and so well made, I’m going to get a set for myself very soon! I love the chunky handles as it makes them feel really sturdy and balanced, and the overall branding and aesthetic is stunning too. For the price as well I think this set is excellent value, and would make a great addition to any makup kit!

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A lot of brushes came in this set! They all look simple, but beautiful. Hopefully you give us a review after you’ve tried them out xxx

Melina / http://www.ivefoundwaldo.com


I definitely will be Melina! I’m going to get more from them as well so watch this space 🙂 Thanks for reading xxx

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