I love the word ‘splurge’ – it’s so satisfying, right? But sometimes you just can’t justify splurging on things you might not necessarily need. So today I thought I’d share my thoughts on what’s worth the splurge, and what I like to save on.

You’ll know from my post about being in debt that I’ve struggled with money a lot over the last few years, so I’ve learnt how to pick and choose what I want to spend my money on. Now I’m working full time, I’m being very strict with myself to make sure I stay in this habit, as it really is a great way of making sure I’ve got money in the bank for all those fun adventures I want to have!


  • Skincare – my ultimate splurge, good skincare makes everything so much easier. If you’ve got problematic skin like mine, you’ll know the value of good skincare. I use a lot of products (as you’ll see in my latest skincare post), and the expense adds up quickly, but for the sake of my skin and my confidence, I think it’s worth it.
  • Bedding! – duvets, pillows, throws, cushions, anything I put on my bed to add to the comfort is money well spent to me. I spend a lot of time in my bed, and it’s my favourite place, so I think it’s worth spending a little extra on items that will last longer and be of better quality.
  • Shoes – while this may sound frivolous, I have really good logic for why I spend £130 or so on a new pair of boots every now and again. Firstly, I wear boots nearly every single day of my life; I find them comfortable and practical, as well as looking good. It’s more cost effective to spend £130 once every few years and wear the shoes out totally than to spend £30 every few months on cheaper shoes that only last a short time.


  • Makeup – don’t get me wrong, the expensive stuff is always lovely to have and fun to buy, but if your skincare is good, you really don’t need expensive makeup. I like the drugstore as much as I like high end cosmetics, and I think both do just as good a job with the right foundations laid.
  • Clothes – I don’t spend a lot of money on clothes at all. H&M, Missguided, and BooHoo are the main shops I use when I need new clothes. I’ve been creating a capsule wardrobe for myself for the past few months now and I’ve noticed that these companies make really great clothing at amazing prices. It also helps that my clothing taste is just black and grey, which always look more expensive than it may have cost.
  • Furniture – I like to have unique pieces of furniture in the Gypsy Van, and usually the best way to get that is to buy old run-down pieces and upcycle them myself. No two up-cycled pieces will ever look the same which is a big part of the appeal to me; it also helps that clapped out vintage sofas or display cabinets tend to be dirt cheap if you do your research.

There’s so much more I could add to both these lists, but these are definitely the main ways I spend and save money. I also like to be sure of a more expensive item before I buy it, so I’ll do plenty of research and read tons of reviews before I add it to my cart. Is there anything you’d prefer to splurge or save on? Let me know in the comments!

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