Hey guys! So Valentine’s Day is fast approaching and usually I wouldn’t bother to mark the occasion, but this year I’ve got some great ideas for the traditional Valentine’s gifts and an extra idea for those who want to quite literally hide from the kawaii-ness of the day!

For Her

You can’t beat the classic idea of jewellery for Valentines. But if you’re looking for something unique for the woman in your life, I don’t think you can go wrong with this super cute range of jewellery from The Lifestyle Blogger UK. Becky very kindly sent me this bracelet to feature in this post and it’s so lovely with all the little details and boho feel to it! A definite hit for that unique girl you know.

Personally, I love printed photos. And I miss the days of taking your roll of film to your local Boots and having prints processed. I also love it when people give me printed photos, and the best part is they’re not at all expensive. I get frames for buttons on eBay or Dunelm, then get prints made up from Photobox or LaLaLab. Personal, thoughtful, and kind on the bank balance!

For Him

As we all know, beards are big business. There’s so many products on the market for beard grooming now that it’s pretty overwhelming. But, Etsy have possibly the best choice of beard grooming kits around. This one came from Essential Beards and was shipped really fast. It also gives you several options of scents which means you’re bound to find something for that special guy. Dan’s been using this for a few weeks now and loves the brush and the oil as they make his beard super soft.

Dan once joked that he’d love to have a mug with my face on it for his morning tea, so that’s exactly what I got for him – and he uses it every day! I added a little jokey text on the back and Photobox printed and delivered it in perfect condition and in no time at all. This is a great idea for those guys who maybe don’t like Valentine’s gifts that are too soppy or cheesy.

For Everyone

Or, more specifically, for everyone who desparately wants to avoid Valentine’s Day! Get a pile of your favourite movies and TV series as a couple, grab a load of take out food, and build a fort to quite literally hide out away from all the romance. This idea is great for anyone who doesn’t do romance, but is more fun about date ideas. To be honest, this is what I would do!

So there we go, my ultimate Valentine’s gift guide for all kinds of Valentine’s. How are you spending Valentine’s Day? I’ll be in the fort with Dan if anyone needs me!

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