Happy Sunday everyone! It’s now the end of January, and winter has well and truly been taking a toll on all of us, however, for the first time in years, my skin isn’t freaking out as much as it usually would. So I thought I’d break down my winter skin care routine and share how I’m keeping my skin under relative control!

The first thing I’ve started doing is double cleansing every evening. The first cleanse is just to remove my makeup, then once I’ve rinsed that I do another cleanse and really work the product into my skin for 60 seconds. This has really made all the difference to my skin because it now feels super clean and I am seeing a difference in my breakouts. The rest of my winter skin care routine is listed below in groups of what I do of a morning, at night, and then more occasional things during the course of a normal week.



Three Times a Week

Once a Week

So this is the combination of products and treatments that have worked for my skin over this winter. In all fairness, usually this time of year on Skye is just a constant stream of 80mph winds and incessant rain, but this winter has been comparatively calm, which maybe hasn’t had such a harsh effect on my skin. But even with the calmer weather, going in and out of central heating definitely has a bad impact on my skin. Do you have any winter skin saviours? Let me know in the comments!

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