Happy Sunday everyone! This week’s beauty post is one I’ve been itching to do for a while. For my birthday last year Mum got me the most amazing makeup kit bag, and my very first Crown Brush eyeshadow palette. I’ve held off reviewing the palette until now because I wanted to see just how often I would reach for it and how many shadows I would use.

The ‘Smoke It Out Too’ 35 eyeshadow palette is brilliant for cool undertones like me. So far I’ve used nearly all the colours, and done some really different looks (different for me anyway). When I went out on Boxing Day, I did a purple and orange smokey eye which I loved doing and loved wearing.

You’ll notice that these palettes look very similar to the Morphe ones, and that’s something I did a little research into. Crown make Morphe products through a process known as private labelling. It’s essentially a way of Morphe not having to have their own factories. So all their brushes and palettes are basically Crown, just with a few corners cut, and slightly different looking. Anyway, I digress…

335 - marked

This palette has been a huge success for me. The shadows are really lovely, build well, don’t crease, there’s very little fall out with most of them (although I will admit, there’s a bit of fall out with the frost shadows), and the best part about it is all the combinations you can do.

I’m becoming addicted to eyeshadow palettes because they’re just so easy. They’re so light and thin you can pack them for travelling and never have to worry about not having enough makeup looks for a trip away. This one is particularly good for me personally because it has a really great selection of darker shadows which are my go-to when I have no inspiration, but the brighter colours have really pushed me recently to try new combinations.

So, pros:

  • Huge variation of makeup looks are possible
  • Long wearing shadows that don’t crease or disappear
  • Lightweight and thin – super easy for travelling
  • Pushing me out of my makeup comfort zone!
  • Really nice formula, minor fall out

And the cons:

  • A bit of fall out from the frost shadows
  • The pans are quite shallow
  • You can’t buy individual replacements for the shadows you’ll use most often

Verdict: Crown have secured a new fan from me getting this palette. I definitely will be buying more of their products, and most definitely more eyeshadow palettes. I know that the matte white shade will be used with every single makeup look I will ever do though, so I wish I could buy replacement pans to keep the palette full and not have to worry about having one loose shadow. Other than that, I love this palette, and for the price I’m even more impressed with Crown!


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Oh wow so many gorgeous shades! I love palettes like these xx

Gemma ♡ Miss Makeup Magpie


It’s so gorgeous in reality too! Definitely recommend it. Thanks for reading 🙂 xx

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