So, anyone who knows me in real life knows that I don’t have many friends at all. Just a small handful of amazing people who add something positive to my life. Most of them are those amazing ‘low maintenance’ types, and that got me thinking how these kinds of friends are definitely the best to have, and to be.

One of my best friends, Ash, is one such low maintenance mate. He currently has a job abroad and is hardly ever in the UK, so it’s an Internet based friendship! We met online about a year ago, and so far have never met in person. It might seem odd to a lot of people that we’re such good friends without ever being in the same room, but it works for us, and we’re closer than a lot of ‘real life’ friends!

Friends that don’t get upset when you get busy and don’t speak for ages are the best for the simple reason that there’s no pressure to be in constant communication. I think this is partly why it works so well for Ash and I; he’s busy with work, I’m busy with work and blogging, and sometimes it’s just impossible to find time to call, message, or Skype. But when we do speak, it’s never strained or weird.

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Another friend of mine I’ve known since we were toddlers (20+ years ago now!) and we have the best and rarest of friendships. On the rare occasions we see each other, it’s like no time has passed at all. Years go by in which we may not speak much or see each other at all, but we both know that if we need each other, we’re there and we’re as close as ever. I’m actually very excited because I get to see this lovely lady in the Spring and I cannot wait!

I suppose the beauty of friendships like this is that you’re always excited and happy to talk to each other. There’s no awkwardness or that awful period of time when you have to rebuild your friendship before you can get up to date. You simply start talking and it all flows perfectly.

I’ve had some very high maintenance friends over the years, and, to be totally honest, I don’t have the patience and the temper to be constantly in contact with someone on such an intense level. I love spending time on my own, not having to be entertaining, or ‘on’ for people all the time. Having some space to myself without my phone going mad is absolute bliss to me. My little handful of low maintenance, amazing friends get that, and they don’t resent that when it takes time away from our friendship.

Everyone should have at least one friend like this, I think. It really does make life so much less stressful!


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I totally agree with this! I have a small handful of friends, and some are at University and some are working all around the country, and well.. I’m at home still! We don’t see much of each other, or speak everyday, but when they come home we have SUCH an amazing time and it’s like the distance keeps us stronger!

Robyn / Phases Of Robyn


Thanks Robyn! It’s such a comforting feeling knowing those low maintenance friends are always there just when you need them too. Thanks for reading!


I completely agree!
I suffer from terrible social anxiety, so finding friends that understand that I don’t always want to hang out and go to party’s isn’t easy. I have even lost a few very close friends because of it. So in the end my low maintenance friends have ended up meaning a whole lot more to me than the close friends I one had.

Thank you for the lovely post!!


Thank you Chantell! It’s not a good feeling when people don’t understand your anxieties of any sort so I know how you feel! Finding those people who get you and it is so important. I’m glad you’ve found them 🙂 thanks for reading xx


This is great Liv! I too have only a handful of friends and we are all so busy with our own stuff which we all respect. We check in on eachother when we can and no pressure to reach a certain standard in our friendships. Great post!

Foirell |


Thanks Foirell! It’s so underrated having those friends who understand how busy life can be! Thanks for reading 🙂

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