I know, I know, totally underwhelming surprise here. If you follow me on Instagram you’ll maybe have seen that I added to my SkinActive collection by purchasing the Super-Recharging Antioxidant Gel-Cream night moisturiser, and if you missed my review of the sheet mask, you can read it here.

I don’t really know how to explain just how much I love this range. It’s like Garnier went ‘Liv needs hydrating’ and produced a product range that does exactly that. Using these products has left my skin feeling hydrated, refreshed, my breakouts are calmer and less red, my skin tone is more even… I could go on and on about this stuff. But what I specifically want to mention is the fact that this range balances out my skin well enough to allow me to use harsher products to keep new breakouts at bay.

It honestly feels like my skin care routine has suddenly clicked – almost like the routine was almost right for the skin I almost had, and now it’s all matched up perfectly. What amazes me about these products is that I haven’t had to add any laborious steps to my routine; I’m simply doing the same steps I’ve always done. Cleanse & moisturise morning and evening, same again at night, exfoliate twice a week, various masks 3 times a week. That’s my old routine, and now I’ve got the products that work for my skin, it will continue to be my routine.

So as predictable as it may be, I had to give a #LivLoves spot to this range of amazing products, if only for the fact that they’re the best additions to my fairly lazy skincare routine that work for me and my skin type.


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