Happy first day of 2017 everyone! I hope you’ve all had a good and safe holiday season and you’re ready to crack on with the new year.

I’m kicking off 2017 as I mean to go on I guess. I’ve already got my list of goals to achieve before I turn 27, so for my first post of 2017 I thought I would check off one of those goals – I’m going to start posting twice a week.

Ever since I started The Static Gyspy I’ve wanted to post as frequently as possible. But until now I’ve only had the budget for one high quality post a week. Now I’m working full time though I have more pennies to put into the blog and really explore more products, so I feel pretty confident about posting twice a week.

I’d much rather post less frequently and have a really high standard post to share with you than have 5 days a week of crap posts consisting of one bad photo and about 50 words! And yes, blogs like that maybe get more traffic than mine, but I would hate to be publishing work I’m not proud of. I don’t blog solely for the stats after all (although I won’t lie, it’s a part of it!)

So from now on I’ll be publishing my usual 6pm Sunday post, and also a new post every Wednesday at 6pm as well. This Wednesday slot might sometimes be taken up with a #LivLoves post, but generally it’ll be lifestyle on a Wednesday and beauty on Sundays. I have to organise it somehow or I’ll get stuck writing one category of post and the other will suffer!

I’ve got loads of ideas for new posts, loads of products I want to review, and loads of goals that I want to blog about this year, so I’m hoping I won’t run out of inspiration anytime soon! Keep an eye out on Wednesday for the first of my new midweek lifestyle posts that has some tips for how I stay motivated in blogging, including how I beat writers block.

I really hope you guys like the new, more frequent content, and I really hope I can keep it up! And there you have it – my first goal checked off my list. I have achieved something already and now I’m ready to check off the rest of my list!


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