Happy Sunday lovely people! Christmas is just around the corner now, so I hope you’re all organised and ready for it! This week I thought I’d share some tips and tricks I’ve picked up over the last few years to do a fantastic Christmas on a super tight budget. And trust me when I say that my budget is unbelievably tight.

The first trick I’ve learnt is to ignore people who laugh at you for Christmas shopping in August. My friends think I’m mad but honestly, the best way I’ve found to have a really great Christmas on a really tiny budget is to be thinking about it all year round. It’s June, you see something your best mate would love… Buy it. Keep it for Christmas. That’s one less present off the To Buy list. Added points if they go “I thought this was sold out everywhere!” and look at you adoringly.


Second tip would have to be for trees and decorations – don’t wait for the Autumn, or even the Winter to buy new decorations and trees if you need them. I got the most gorgeous 6 foot tall, pre-lit, fake Christmas tree for this year. It retailed at basically £100, and I got it for £20 in a Summer sale. It arrived in June, I think, and I sold my old shorter tree and the decorations I bought for it altogether for £15 in August. If you think about it that way, my new tree only cost me a fiver!

eBay is your best friend. It doesn’t matter that bezzie Sal is always so good at cheering you up when your man doesn’t come home at night. What matters is that you can get really cute Christmas decorations on eBay for like two quid, and that leaves you enough in the bank to ditch his ass and buy a great dress. But seriously though, if you’re organised enough you can have a resplendent  Christmas tree, dripping with glitter and baubles and twinkly lights for the same price as a chippy for 4. The tree decorations below came from China and took about 5 weeks to get to me, but they had free shipping and only cost £2 for 24 baubles.


Sale time is go time. I know violence is never the answer, but sometimes the sales can be crazy. Throw on your heaviest statement rings and get barging for the bargains. Boxing Day, January, end of Summer, there’s only ever a few weeks between sales. Decide what you want to get for each person you need to buy for and scour the sales looking for it. If you can’t manage to get one thing in the sales, at least you’ll have saved money in other areas and can afford to pay full price for a pressie or two.

The final tip I’ll share today is this – be strict with yourself. Christmas comes around every year, get organised, and get tough with who you buy for and what you buy them. One well thought out present is far better than a pile of tat that almost hits the mark. I ask people several times over the year what they want for Christmas, if they know and stick to that, I make their presents the first ones to buy. If they don’t know, I do some research on what they like, take note of things they have in their home, colours they seem to prefer, and then make the choice myself. People only care how big the pile is if there’s no sentiment behind the giving. Think about your recipient, and choose wisely. They’ll thank you for it, and so will your bank balance.

303 - marked.jpg

Well guys, I hope these tips will be helpful for some of you over the coming year. I know it won’t help you this Christmas, but I wanted to share these tips before the sales all kick off in the next few weeks.

There’s no post next Sunday as it’s Christmas Day, so I’ll see you all soon, and have a merry Christmas 😀


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