I. Am. 26. I officially can’t refer to myself as “early twenties” anymore. In fact, I’m pushing the boundaries of “mid twenties” now. But that’s OK by me because I actually really enjoyed being 25 – I achieved a lot, had fun, got my life organised, and although there were some really crappy moments (health issues, debt stuff, relationships/friendships breaking down) it was a very good age for me.

I think 25 was good for me because I had goals in mind that I wanted to get done and out of the way. So now that I’m 26, I thought I would compile a list of things I want to do before I turn 27 next November. Hopefully I get them all done! I’ve split them up into personal things, blog things, and a few random ones because a list of 26 items just looked awfully long!

Blog Things

  1. Hit 100 blog followers
  2. Start doing more brand collaborations
  3. Finish my Media Kit!
  4. Plan an amazing giveaway for my second Blogiversary
  5. Have someone guest post on my blog (some exciting stuff in the pipeline about this one, so keep an eye out for that!)
  6. Improve my photography/editing skills
  7. Start doing more posts that are out of my comfort zone (vlogging, personal posts, who knows?!)
  8. Get more involved with the Blogging community as a whole
  9. Find more cruelty free companies that make amazing makeup
  10. Add more varied content like blogging tips, life hacks, etc.

Personal Things

  1. Start eating healthier (God help me)
  2. Finish the flooring in the Gypsy Van
  3. See my friends more (IRL, I’m so bad at keeping in touch with folk)
  4. I’d love to learn to ride a motorbike, maybe 26 is the year!
  5. Start saving for a rainy day/holiday/shopping spree
  6. Visit Edinburgh
  7. Go to Lewis & Harris
  8. Read more books! I’ve been so lazy with my reading the past few months
  9. Finally get a new laptop!
  10. Visit my brother in Dundee (I haven’t been the whole time he’s lived there)

Other Things

  1. Say ‘yes’ to more things! – I’m so good at saying ‘no’ that it’s like a reflex now
  2. Try to stop overthinking and getting all wound about things that will never happen
  3. Make a start on putting all the thousands of photos I have into albums (this might take a few years, so as long as I start, I’ll be happy with that)
  4. Try more home remedies
  5. Stop Googling every sniffle and headache – you’re not dying Liv. Just. Stop.
  6. Once a day, list three good things that have happened, however small

I don’t know if I’ll manage all of this in a year, but I hope I’ll get the majority of it done. Some of it is more habits I want to create for myself, and hopefully this list will help me do that. Maybe in a year I’ll come back to this list and do a post about how many I achieved right before I turn 27. It would be fun to find out just how well I’ve done!


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