So firstly, I have to apologise that this is not the second Halloween look I promised. Because, as a lot of you will know, I’ve spent the past week with a bad reaction to some antibiotics I was taking, and my face, neck and chest blew up in red splotches and it just looks awful. It also means that I have no idea what might aggravate it and make it worse, so I’m being very careful with how much makeup I wear. So hopefully sometime really soon I’ll be back to normal!

And of course, not being able to do a makeup look for this week’s post means I’ve had to find another post topic last minute. So for anyone wanting to see my second Halloween look, I’m sorry, and for anyone wanting to find a new amazing drugstore mascara, keep reading!

L’Oreal Mega Volume Miss Hippie Mascara retails at £7.99 in Boots, and claims to be the mascara for you if you’re looking for “feathery mega volume on top and bottom lashes”. Now, drugstore makeup is one of those things that makes lots of really big claims for a really good price tag, but we all know that the Maybelline Lash Sensational, for one, is a High Street mascaras that actually lives up to the marketing hype.

So the Miss Hippie mascara comes in this hideous black and orange tube; I will never understand why drugstore cosmetic brands think we all want our budget beauty to look like a 3 year old’s colouring book. It’s awful, but that aside, and as you can see from the picture below, the product itself is actually really, really good.


When you apply two layers this mascara is seriously good. Defined lashes, amazing pigmentation, but, I’m sure you’ll agree not feathery looking. They are however, feathery feeling – this mascara is super light weight, as well as being buildable, which makes it great for long days and people with more sensitivity to their eyes.

For comparison, here’s a super zoomed in photo of my lashes wearing the Lash Sensational on one side, and the Miss Hippie on the other. Excuse the difference in filters, I’ve had to use photos I already have for this post for obvious reasons! But even so, you can really see the level of definition, volume and length is so much better with the Miss Hippie.


I honestly never thought I’d like a drugstore mascara better than the Lash Sensational, but I think this one may have it beaten on every aspect. I’ve got naturally long but thin lashes, so I look for mascaras that separate, volumise, and define each lash. The Miss Hippie does all those things and it does them with a super black, buildable formula.

Verdict: L’Oreal are smashing the cosmetic game right now. Miss Hippie is better than any other drugstore mascara I’ve tried, and it’s even better than a lot of high end ones too! More than worth the price tag, good amount of product, buildable, really black, very defining, and super lightweight. 9/10, took one point off for the hideous packaging!


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