Sunday fun day again! And Halloween is just around the corner! Halloween to me marks the countdown to my birthday, and then Christmas beyond that, but it’s one of my favourite holidays in it’s own right.

I’ve got two Halloween posts this year – next week I’ll be posting a more traditional Halloween look that will be my actual costume for the weekend, but this week I wanted to do something a little different to all the usual ‘slutty cat’ and ‘murdered prostitute’ looks. So here’s my super easy take on an anime girl look. A full list of the exact products I used is at the bottom of this post, but you can use any that you have really.

Anime is a bit of a Marmite thing I think. I love it, but it’s taken me a while to get my head around it. And I know so many people who just can’t get used to it. What I love about anime is the artwork. It’s not even really animation, it’s full blown gorgeous and unreal art. And the stories are always really inventive, and the girls are unbelievably cute! So to keep things a little different and fresh for this Halloween, I thought I would do an anime inspired makeup look that would be a great starting point for any anime/cosplay Halloween costumes.

Generally with anime tutorials, the first thing people do is put coloured contacts in, but since I already have blue eyes and they go with the hair colours, I decided to skip this step.


So first things first, get rid of your lovely eyebrows! Anime brows are really thin and high, so I stuck my natural brows down with a simple non-toxic glue stick. I brushed the brows down and covered with foundation and powder to set them, and then finished the rest of my face makeup. And I’m sure you’ll all notice that even when in total control of my brows, they still end up wonky AF!!

After doing super full coverage foundation, concealer, blush, and very slight contour, I drew new, thinner brows with my Jeffree Star Cosmetics Beauty Killer palette, using the shade Star Power. I felt very Jeffree from MySpace doing bright pink eyebrows!

Next take your preferred liquid liner and do a thick line along the top lash line, extending it downward past the outer end of your natural lashes. This creates your new outer corner. Then simply drag the tiniest amount of liquid liner from the end of that line across to the middle of your lower lash line.

So by now you’re looking a little…odd, shall we say. Take a creamy white pencil (I used the NYX Jumbo Eye Pencil in Milk) and fill in the gap between your lower lash line and the new line you’ve created. If you use a pencil that’s too hard, like Mac Eye Kohl, you won’t be able to cover your lower lashes and disguise them, which kind of ruins the illusion of a much bigger eye.


Then I did a super simple smokey eyeshadow look with black shadow on the lid and a bit of white shimmer on the inner third, and finally some full lashes on the top lash line, and a trimmed smaller set on the bottom.

Full list of products used:


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