It’s been ages since my last HE vs HS post! And after weeks of struggling to get my nails back to being really healthy and strong, I’ve finally started manicuring them weekly again. So it got me thinking – is there actually any difference between high end and High Street nail colours?

In the designer corner we have Chanel. A timeless label and personal favourite of mine when it comes to high end products. And in the drugstore corner we have Maybelline.

For this comparison post, it’s only fair I use the same colour in each brand, so I’ve chosen a classic red. Red nail polish is tricky, I think. There’s so many options and so few true reds out there, that I’ve found one that suits me and wears nicely and I’ve stuck with that over the last few years. But is it really worth the money?

So I’ve painted one hand in each brand and worn it for a week. For ease of comparison, I’ve only done one coat of each colour, with no top coat, so let’s see how each brand wears over the coming week.

270 - marked

271 - marked

Firstly, the Chanel went on a little patchy. Which is normally fine because I’ll add a second coat, and then a coat or two of Seche Vite. The Maybelline went on beautifully with the wide applicator and it did cover really well with just one coat. And then the week of waiting began. Well, I say waiting… By the time I went to bed after painting my nails I’d already chipped the Chanel! Just my luck really.

Normally with HE vs HS I’d score them on particular aspects, but I felt like this is time it will be such a straight comparison of staying power that it seemed futile to score them on other things. Plus if I tried scoring them on anything else I’d have failed miserably since they were both chipped by the next morning!

So, day seven…


Maybelline – day seven


Chanel – day seven

It’s pretty obvious that neither lasted very well, but I was surprised by just how badly the Chanel did. I’ve been using this polish for years because I thought it was going to be better than a cheaper option. Well, don’t I feel silly!

In all fairness, I’m very rough on my nails, and there was only one coat of each polish on my nails. I’m a reformed nail-biter but I do still pick at them and chew them a little during the day, so I’m used to my nail polish not lasting very well. But even so, anyone who spends £18.00 on a nail colour could at the very least expect it to apply evenly and not chip after an hour or so!

The Maybelline polish is obviously so much cheaper, not to mention you could get away with one coat, it’s far longer lasting, and it’s nicer to apply. Verdict: once again the High Street smashes the designer out of the park and leaves me wondering why I ever spent so much money on one product!




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