Hey guys! Hope you’re all having a lovely Sunday. I am because as you know from my Skin Spa Sunday post, today is my weekly pamper day.

A few weeks ago I ordered a Glacial Marine Mud Mask from the lovely Danny & Olivia (name twinning) who run @_pureyou_ over on Instagram. I started with the mask because I’m always looking for nice skin treats for my Sunday chilling and this product looked perfect for that!


Firstly, the packaging – pretty boring. Let’s move on…

The mask goes on a really dark grey/green colour and it’s quite liquidy. The instructions say to apply a generous layer, which is really easily done since the liquid came shooting out of the tube! Once you’ve got a good covering it starts to dry down really quickly to a really lovely pale blue/green.

Seemingly this mask is meant to draw out all the impurities in your skin, as well as closing up your pores. After 15 minutes I washed it off with warm water and checked in the mirror. Certainly all the tiny blackheads on my nose had all but gone, and my skin felt super soft and clean.

So by this point I’m impressed with what it has done after only one use, but I’m  thinking it probably works better after multiple uses. I’ve had this mask for over a month now and have been using it religiously 3 times a week since it arrived.

Over the last few weeks I can’t say I’ve noticed a huge difference in my skin longer term. Yes, it worked on the teeny tiny blackheads I had on my nose, but in general my skin is the same as it always is. I’m always looking for things that will help with my hormonal break outs and this mask doesn’t really do anything for that.

So, pros:

  • Good for purging blackheads when an exfoliator just won’t reach them
  • Leaves skin feeling initially really soft
  • Not as messy as I was expecting it to be in terms of application or removal
  • @_pureyou_ are really great with their customer service and the shipping was really quick

And the cons:

  • For what it’s done for me, it’s expensive. This mask retails at £26.00 and I expected it to do more for that price
  • Hasn’t helped the appearence of my skin – the tone and brightness of my skin is the same as always

So all in all, for a mask of this kind I think it’s OK. To be honest, if you want a mask that does exactly what this one does but without the price tag, I’d go for the L’Oreal Pure Clay Detox Mask (which I’ve been using this last week or so and am loving). It does the same things, but I feel like it suits my skin better and makes it a little brighter and clearer looking. With it being clay, it also has the advantage of it lessening the redness in my horomonal break outs which is amazing for me.





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