Hey guys! I know, it’s not Sunday, but I’ve decided to start posting an occasional additional feature on the blog. Since I’m now self-hosted, I figured it was the perfect time to start making the blog work for me, and let’s be honest, I have plenty of time to do more with the blog!

So #LivLoves is going to be occasional, like I said. It’s kind of like a monthly or weekly favourite, but it’s only for things that I really, really fall in love with. It could be a skincare product (like this first installment), or makeup, or a place, or a book, or a movie. It’s totally uncategorised, really. Whatever I come across that I love a lot will go in this thread. These posts aren’t reviews as such, so they won’t be as long or involved, but they’ll sum up what I love about whatever I’ve chosen. New favourites will only be posted as and when I find them.

The first one has got to be the new(ish) L’Oreal Pure Clay Detox Mask. I can’t even just say “I love it” because if I didn’t, it wouldn’t be here. But I do. It’s a glorious black sticky purifying mess that I’ve been using and adoring more and more over the last few weeks. My hormonal breakouts are much calmer and less red, my skin looks really fresh and bright after using it, and it’s not as harsh as other masks I’ve used in the past. All in all, especially for the price, it’s such a great product and one that I know I’ll repurchase again and again.

I hope you guys enjoy this new occasional series, and I can’t wait to start looking for new stuff to post in it!


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