Major Sunday funday this week! A little while ago I watched Nibbles video where she recreates her teenage makeup, and I thought it was amazing! It’s such a fun idea and gives you a great excuse to dig out all those super embarassing photos that you wish didn’t exist… so I thought I’d pinch the idea and recreate one of my teenage makeup looks from my hardcore Emo days (oh dear Lord). Nibbles video is brilliant, as is Nibbles herself, so if you haven’t seen it, be sure to go and give it a watch.

So here’s a pretty typical photo of me when I was about 14/15 years old…


*internal laughing and screaming* Oh the days of over exposed selfies with my messy teenage bedroom in the background! And before anyone asks, that’s all real hair, that I grew myself! I asked my hairdresser at the time to cut it so that it looked like extensions… Badly done hair extensions were the height of Emo chic after all.

It’s not a very clear photo (because if people knew what you looked like, you were Emo-ing wrong) but you can see I was a pretty typical Emo kid. I had a ‘Little Miss Sunshine’ t-shirt that I wore ironically, of course; skinny jeans (still wear those, but they don’t hang half way down my arse now); pink converse (I’ve moved onto black these days); a tutu skirt over the skinny jeans, which seemed really cool at the time; and my entire eye makeup was done with a kohl liner pencil.

There’ll be people reading this post thinking “that’s exactly how I remember Liv” and hopefully there’ll be more thinking that I grew out of it well! I don’t know, Emo was the coolest back then.

So I’ve recreated this makeup look, and for the sheer fun of it, this photo too, as best as I can anyway!

But, why don’t I have a mouth?! God sake. Of course, at the time I didn’t wear any product on my lips except foundation. It was all about the eyes baby.

But now I’m just delaying the inevitable, so here’s my recreated Emo teen photo, a bonus extra ‘Emo pic’ and an unedited photo so you can see how truly awful my makeup looked in person back then!. Be prepared for no blending, no contour, no blush, no lips, half brows, and major kohl action! And I promise this is a faithful recreation of how I would make myself up for any and all occasions.

Nailed the half eyebrow
The least natural looking blur effect ever… So Emo >.<
Umm… Yeah

I had a blast doing this challenge and I think everyone should give it a go! Thank you Nibbles for the great video and inspiration, but now I’m off to brush out this back combing before I get stuck like this! And as we said back in the MySpace days “pc4pc >.<”


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