Sunday funday! The other week I read BeautySuggests great post breaking down how much her daily makeup was worth. I thought it was such a great and fun idea that I’ve decided to do my own and see what my face is worth!

I’m a bit nervous to break it down actually – what if the price of my face makes it impossible for me to ever go outdoors in the rain again?! I don’t want all that money running off my face in typical Skye weather! But anyway, I won’t know until I try, so here’s my daily face and what it’s worth…


Total: £152.74

Well thank God for drugstore products! That’s not as bad as I was expecting. If I’d done this a couple of years ago I would have been way more expensive, thanks to all the high end foundations, concealers and powders I was using! It really adds up though!

What amazes me about this challenge is that it’s only the products used, no brushes, no skincare pre-makeup – just the products you’re putting on your face. If you totalled it all up to include your tools and other ‘get ready’ products, you’d have one hell of an expensive daily look!

This is such a fun experiment and I’ve really enjoyed reading other people’s versions too so I think everyone should try this!


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