Happy Sunday guys! So, anyone who follows me on social media will have seen that last weekend I went on a little road trip to the Applecross Peninsula here in the Highlands.

Applecross is a tiny village on the coast, accessible by only two roads. One takes you along the coast from Shieldaig, with stunning views across to Rona and the Isle of Skye, which follows the North Coast 500 route. The other takes you up the infamous Bealach na Bà, featured in a number of TV series, movies and Channel 5’s documentary ‘Winter Road Rescue’. The Bealach is the third highest road in Scotland and boasts the most spectacular views from start to finish.

The last time I went to Applecross, I was about 8 years old, on holiday with my family, and it snowed. We took the Bealach over to Applecross and it was terrifying. There’s hairpin bends, unbelievably steep slopes, and the whole thing is single track. Basically, it’s amazing, and if you’re ever in the Highlands, you have to do this drive. Unless of course you’re nervous behind the wheel or you’re in a campervan, because you will get stuck, and you will regret it!

Anyway, I took hundreds of photos, of course, we stopped and had a gorgeous lunch at the Applecross Inn, then went to find the sandy beach (unironically in a place called Sand), then followed the lower level road back towards Shieldaig where we stopped for a lovely dinner before heading home. It was a long day and a long drive, covering over 100 miles in an afternoon, but it was so pretty and so nice to  play tourist for a day. So here’s a little gallery of the trip 🙂

257 - marked

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Dan’s first official appearence on my blog! Say hi everyone 🙂


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