Happy Sunday everyone! This week I was planning a new shoot with some amazing props I’ve got and thought it would be great to do a natural, almost no makeup look, but with really dark lips and brows to set it off. It’s pretty editorial, so to balance it out, you could easily add more eye makeup or even just a set of falsies to just compliment the lip and make it more ‘practical’ (can falsies be practical? Who knows!).

I wanted it to be really soft and etherial, but with the shock of dark lips and brows, and perfect, natural looking skin. I’m not normally a fan of ‘natural’ makeup, so creating a barely there skin look was quite a challenge! It also has to last hours as wearing it for an outdoor shoot means it needs to be applied before travelling to the location, and then it has to survive not only the shoot itself, but any bad weather I might suffer! For a full list of the products I used to create this editorial dark lip, see below.







For the first time in months I didn’t contour this look at all, because I wanted the skin to look real and soft. It felt weird looking at myself with makeup on but no contour! To bring a little structure to the face, I used the blush high up on the cheek bones and swept it up towards the temples just a tiny bit. It just brings the high points of your cheeks forward and creates a softer structure. I didn’t use any powder to set this look, other than the tiniest bit under my eyes to prevent the concealer creasing, because I wanted the whole face to be a little dewy and glowy looking.

For the shoot itself, I’d probably skip the masacra and eyeshadow completely, and I’ve got my eye on a super long gorgeous wig for it too. There’s still a few bits and pieces I need to get my hands on before I can actually go and creat any images, but once I’ve got some I’ll share them on my Instagram naturally!

Next week I’m giving you my full review on the L’Oreal Infallible foundation and I’ll be starting a new experimental treatment for longer thicker lashes naturally and cheaply, so for sneak peeks of that, follow me on Snapchat (@lostmisslivia).


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Great post and also the colour of your eyes is beautiful! x
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Oh thank you! That’s so sweet ☺️ I’ll definitely check out your blog. Thanks for reading 💛


Love that colour on you! And your hair 💜 great post xx


Thank you! My hair is a wig from Geisha Wigs. I got it before they rebranded to be Lush Wigs. Thanks for reading 💛


Ohh all have a look 😊


Ok need to get my hands on the liquid lipstick ASAP ASAP! Love the post xoxo

Pop by my latest post if you have the time 🙂 :



Honestly given how cheap Sleek products are I am amazed at the quality. None of the products I’ve tried so far have been bad at all! Thanks for reading 💛


That matte lip color is gorgeous!!! I love it!


Definitely a new favourite for me! Thanks for reading 💛

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