Sunday funday again! I don’t know where the weeks are going. I can’t believe it’s almost August already. Anyway, today I’m bringing you a review of the Eylure Dybrow Kit in Black, which is an at-home brow dye that only takes about ten minutes start to finish.

I’ve filled my brows in every day since the age of 13 or so, when I first started dying my hair black. In all those years I have used Mac’s Eyeshadow in Carbon religiously and more recently, for nights out and shoots, I’ve moved onto Nyx’s Eyebrow Gel, again in black. But the other week I designed a shoot idea for a great location here on Skye and decided it needed a more editorial, no makeup, but dark brow and lip look. But because I want it to still be really natural, I decided to give dying my precious brows a shot.

Eylure say that their Dybrow Kits are good for around 12 applications, which for £7.50 is excellent value. I read quite a few reviews online before I decided to buy it, and found quite a few reviews that said it didn’t work. But for £7.50, it’s always worth trying these things for yourself! I was pretty nervous about dying my brows as they’re pretty much my most noticeable feature. I was terrified they’d be ruined or I’d lose hair or colour my skin, so it’s safe to say I was cynical about this kit.

I am normally really bad at following instructions, but since this kit is for your face, I decided to be sensible and read all the instructions (including the ones in languages I can’t read) just to be on the safe side. The only thing I deviated from the instructions on was doing one eye at a time. Just get it on – if you’ve mixed it properly you won’t need to worry about it dripping into your eyes. But do use Vaseline or something on the skin around the brows to prevent staining because that really works a treat.

So here’s my before, during and after:


Please excuse the mess that are my brows – I coloured them before tweezing them. And I really like this kit. My brows are darker and look a little fuller, but they still look really natural and real. Proven by the fact that even my Mother couldn’t tell at first that I had coloured them, which is exactly what I wanted. With my black hair, my new darker brows look so natural on me that you’d think it was my natural colour. And the best part is that I don’t think I’ll need to fill them in every single day now.

Verdict: excellent value, super easy to use, really nice natural finish, will definitely be adding this to the regular beauty regimen.



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