Happy Sunday everyone! I can’t believe it’s almost the end of July already… I should probably start adulting properly at some point soon!

Anyway, this week I would like to talk about Morphe. We’ve all heard a lot of good things about them, especially on YouTube, and given how cheap they are, it’s hard to believe they’d actually be that good. So I thought I would order myself a set of ten deluxe brushes from them and see if they deserved all that attention (now discontinued on Cult Beauty).

First thing’s first though, a massive thank you and shout out to Cult Beauty for having one of the fastest delivery times I have ever seen. I ordered my brush set and a Pro Hygiene Collection Brush Cleaner late on Thursday night, and it arrived beautifully packaged first thing Saturday morning! Even more impressive when I got free shipping too! UK makeup junkies – Cult Beauty has a huge range of brands in cosmetics, skincare and health & wellbeing, that you might struggle to find here, so go check it out.

So, in my deluxe 10 piece brush set there’s such a great range of brushes that you could almost create your entire look with just this set. The first time I used this set was to do my makeup for a local gala night and I was really impressed. I used the large duo powder brush to buff my foundation on, the small duo blender for blending out my cream contour, and then nearly all the eye brushes to create my monochrome smokey eye look.

I should mention that the one downside is that they did shed a little to begin with, but once I’d given them a good clean, they stopped shedding and worked wonderfully. And in all honesty, it’s been that long since I had any, that’s probably perfectly normal for new brushes!


Here’s a full list of the brushes you get and what I’ve found they’re great for:

  • Duo fibre powder – great for buffing powders or foundations
  • Duo fibre small blender – perfect for blending out cream contour/highlight
  • Flat shadow – great for packing colour onto lid or under lower lashline
  • Fluffy blender – ideal for softly blending transition colours or all over lid colours
  • Tapered blender – best used for applying crease colour and blending out/with other shades
  • Pencil – perfect for detailing on either lashline
  • Dense smudger – great for smokey eye looks and smoking out bottom lashline
  • Small concealer – exactly what it says! Also ideal for highlighting inner corners and brow bone
  • Mini pencil – for all those tiny details and precision shadow application
  • Bent liner – the easiest way to apply gel liner without your hand blocking your view!

Overall I’m really impressed, not only with Morphe Brushes, but also that this seems to be one of the brands that live up to the online hype. I would definitely buy more Morphe products, and I’ve got several eyeshadow palettes on my Cult Beauty wishlist for future shopping sprees!

Do you have any Morphe Brushes and if so, what do you think of them? Let me know in the comments!


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