Hey guys! This week I would like to talk about something that has been bugging me for a little while – positive body image.

I have always struggled maintaining my weight, be it higher or lower than average. It goes up and down more often than an uppy downy thing, and I don’t intentionally change how I’m eating or how much exercise I do.

Ok, so I actually don’t exercise at all. I’m the type of person who would love to wake up one morning with a perfect, toned, curvy figure without ever having to lift a weight or put down the ice cream; but alas, I’m still waiting for that to happen. And in the mean time I’m stuck with somewhat… jiggly curves! And they’ve always been an issue for me.

That is until, while researching for this piece, I discovered my new #WCW. Ashley Graham, ladies and gentlemen. Ashley effing Graham. Like, have you seen her?!

Source: ashleygraham.com

This is a role model for anyone and everyone who has ever struggled with the idea that they’re not a ‘model’ size. Not only is she a stunning UK size 16, but she’s also healthy, active, and a regular gym bunny. Plus she has cellulite and isn’t afraid to show it. When I grow up, I want to be Ashley Graham.

Source: Ashley Graham Instagram

What I love about Graham’s way of promoting body positivity is that she doesn’t shame others. You’re naturally super skinny? Amazing, good for you. You’re (like me) not super skinny, not “plus size” but just a bit curvaceous ? Beautiful, welcome to the team. You’re quote unquote plus size? Fantastic, join us!

Unlike so many other leaders of this movement, Graham acknowledges that all human bodies are different sizes and shapes, and she doesn’t mind that. What she promotes is that you’re happy with yourself, whatever size and shape you are. As long as you’re happy and healthy then Ashley Graham is your mascot and she loves you.

For too long women, in particular, on the Internet have been making themselves feel better by tearing others down. You see it a lot on Instagram photos and Facebook posts. I’ve been victim of it myself. I was once told that I was “too skinny and it’s not healthy”, but now if I posted a photo of my naked thighs in all their orange-peel glory I would be shamed for being “fat and unhealthy”. Well, to all those Internet trolls who like to spread hate and cruelty, can I kindly ask you to please bugger off elsewhere? We women (and men, they suffer it too) struggle enough with our own mental negativity about our own bodies, not to mention the challenge we face every day seeing runway models, Photoshopped girls, and the incredible double standards of physical appearance boys (note: not men) apply to us.

Source: ashleygraham.com

So since discovering my ultimate girl crush, I’ve decided that no longer will I worry about my weight. Instead, I’m going to try and be healthier. For my own peace of mind more than anything, and because, y’know, Ashley wants us to all be happy!


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I’m obsessed with her as well! I first saw a pic of her on a runway on Facebook but managed to find her on Instagram later, have been a fan ever since. She’s such a role model! You look amazing in that picture btw 🙂


She just seems like a genuinely happy woman which is great for a role model 🙂 thank you so much! And thanks for reading my post too 💛


Even I feel like I wish I could just wake up one day with a perfect figure and not have to worry about gaining weight ever again- but alas that does not happen. Lovely post! Also, you are looking beautiful in that picture 🙂



I think we all wish that! We just need to learn how to di it though 🙂 thank you so much! Can’t wait to check out your blog xxx

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