Hey guys! Sunday again and another product review. Charlotte Tilbury Legendary Lashes is one of the newest products to explode on YouTube and social media in general, so I thought I would see what all the fuss is about.

It was actually my mum who bought this mascara because she was really excited about the hype. My lovely mum has quite short lashes naturally, so she figured that anything that gets such good reviews would be worth a shot and worth the money. We were both like kids at Christmas when it arrived in its’ beautiful packaging and maroon tissue paper.

So is it worth the hype and the money? Umm… Not even a little bit.

The first day my mum wore this product, she was delighted. It seemed perfect. Then the next day she wore it to an 8 hour shift at work and it smudged, flaked, and seemed as though it never fully dried. Very odd, so she asked me if I would wear it for a few days and do a review so I could see if it was just bad luck on her part, or if there was something wrong with the formula.

I didn’t like telling her that it was the £25 worth of mascara that was the problem. I felt like I was telling her she’d wasted her hard-earned money. But even if I’d lied and said it was great, the big black smudges all over my eyes would have given me away.

And before you go thinking it’s the work environment in question affecting it – don’t! I work part-time in an office environment. I am paid to sit still at a computer all morning and answer phones. I then come home and spend all my free time on the Internet. Hardly a taxing lifestyle, and every other mascara I’ve had in the past few years has fared perfectly in this environment.

Apologies for the poor quality image, but very obvious black smudges under my eyes.
Really bad transfer onto my lids

The main problems I have with Charlotte Tilbury’s Legendary Lashes are, briefly, summed up below:

  • The wand isn’t tapered at the end, making it very difficult to get into those tiny lashes on the inner corners
  • The formula is so thick it’s really challenging to get the lashes to fan out properly without clumping together
  • Smudges throughout the day; within an hour of applying it each morning I had smudges under my eyes and on my lids
  • Doesn’t seem to set properly at all – a gentle touch with my finger and product comes away on my skin
  • Weirdly, it smells like it’s already gone off
  • With such a thick formula and such a clumsy brush, it’s difficult to get a good coating on the lower lashes without getting it on your skin too
  • Unbelievably overpriced for all the problems it has

Things  I like about it:

  • The packaging is pretty

That’s… That’s it. The whole ‘pro’ list is the packaging. Basically, my mum spent £25 of her hard-earned cash on a pretty looking piece of decoration. Charlotte Tilbury might be the brand of the moment, but this product is utter rubbish. I’ve been wearing makeup since I was 8 years old, as an aspiring ballet dancer performing under hot lights in competitions, and never have I ever seen such an appalling excuse for a mascara, no matter what price point. Do yourself a favour and buy a cheaper product that does what Legendary Lashes should do but doesn’t. Or, if you want to spend the same money, go for Chanel, Dior, or any other designer.

Verdict: 1/10 (for the packaging), Mum won’t be re-purchasing and I won’t be buying my own.


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I’m so gutted that this is so rubbish!! I was planning on buying this mascara but I’m glad I haven’t! So sad for your Mum, at that price it should be a damn good mascara!


I felt awful having to show her that she wasted her money! It was the first thing she bought from Charlotte Tilbury and it’s put her off the brand totally now!


Sucks that this product doesn’t work that well, because the packaging is gorgeous! I’m always skeptical of whether or not new wand shapes are functional or just gimmicky, and it’s a little weird that this one has no tapering at all.


Exactly. Such an odd thing to not have when you’re advertising that it’ll pick up every tiny lash. How can you possibly get into the corners without a tapered wand? Tilbury seems to be style over substance as far as I’ve seen 😞

Let me know what you think...