Happy Sunday everyone! This week I thought I’d do a “What’s In My…” tag, but I thought it would be fun to showcase some of my favourite jewellery instead of a handbag/makeup bag version. Spoiler alert: a lot of it is Love From Skye!

I thought it would be fun to do this now in honour of my 1 year Blogiversary giveaway I’m hosting on Instagram – you can check out the entry details and the beautiful prize here. Don’t forget entries close on the 19th June!


This sterling silver and gemstone Orbit ring is my absolute favourite. I wear it practically every day and it goes with every outfit I own! I have a large black gemstone and a smaller cubic zirconia set in mine. It’s subtle enough that I can wear it with lots of outfits and loads of combinations with other jewellery pieces, but even on its own it’s a beautiful bit of sparkle.


My go-to statement piece is this Organic leaf ring, again in sterling silver. I’ve had this ring for about 2 years now and I still get comments on it; it’s so unique and really stands out. I had it sized for my middle finger when I bought it because I wanted it to sit right in the middle of my hand to show it off at its best.


I wanted to keep this post about items that I’ve bought with my own money only, but I couldn’t ignore this beautiful Butterfly pendant that Paul & Bry gave me for my last birthday! At the moment it isn’t on the Love From Skye website, but I had to list it here because it’s just so gorgeous. I like longer chains on my pendants so the jewellery isn’t overlaying my chest tattoo – I just feel like it looks too messy. So Paul very kindly made sure I had a longer chain for this pendant and it looks amazing every time I wear it and I get so many compliments on it. Hands down my favourite pendant.


And lastly, again breaking my principal of only showcasing things I’ve bought myself, this beautiful bracelet from Biagio The Jeweller in Thame, Oxfordshire was a present from my Mum for my 18th birthday. Different pastel gemstones set into a sterling silver band make it the most colourful piece of jewellery I own, but it’s so pretty and really versatile. Because it’s such a sentimental piece to me, I tend to save it for special occasions only, but whenever I do wear it I get so many comments and compliments.

I like jewellery to be unique, sparkly, and a conversation piece. It should have its own character, and bring something new to your outfit. From the super simple to the shouty statement piece, jewellery should reflect the wearer.

Next week I’ll be announcing the winner of my Instagram Giveaway so don’t forget to get your entries in before 6pm BST 19/06/16!


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