Sunday again! This week as promised in my ‘Spring Inspired Date Look’, I’m bringing you a full review of the NYX Cosmetics Stay Matte But Not Flat liquid foundation.

So I watched Kayla Hagey’s review and swatch of this product a few weeks ago and thought ‘this could be a really great High Street foundation for me – if it’s pale enough’. Off to I trotted ready to order the palest available shade and be disappointed, as always happens with drugstore foundations and my super pale complexion. What gave me hope was that Kayla is the same MAC shade as I am, so I figured if it worked for her it might very well work for me too.

First thing I should mention is the palest shade, ‘Ivory’, looks really dark in the tube, and when I opened the box and saw how orange it looked my heart sank. I swatched it anyway because I knew Kayla had had the same problem to begin with, and she assured her viewers that it was paler out of the tube. I trust her reviews, so I swatched it down the centre of my nose and checked it in several forms of lighting.

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Stay Matte But Not Flat is not a full coverage foundation, but it is really easy to build up to medium-full coverage and still have that smooth, non-cakey look to it. I’m also delighted to report that ‘Ivory’ matches my skin pretty much perfectly! The High Street have finally made a foundation that proper pale girls can wear! I’ve been wearing this product every day for work for the last few weeks now and I am actually amazed at the colour of it. I have found that if I wear it for a whole 8 hour work day, it does oxidise on my skin a little bit, and if it’s not set properly it will slip. So let’s break down the pros and cons:


  • Perfect colour for the pale crew, good range of other shades available too
  • Nice buildable coverage
  • Really easily blendable with fingers, Beauty Blender or brush
  • Doesn’t cling to dry areas of skin, even with no primer
  • Unbelievably good price! £6.00 on Boots and mine has lasted me 4 weeks already with no sign of slowing down


  • Slightly dewy finish – definitely not matte by anyone’s standards
  • Oxidises on the skin throughout the day
  • For me personally, not quite enough coverage without at least 2 layers
  • No SPF
  • Slips and transfers easily if not set properly

All in all I’m really impressed with this little tube of loveliness! A drugstore foundation that matches my skin tone and offers buildable coverage is a rare thing for me, so I’m genuinely thrilled with it. The price is incredible for what it does; and even though it falls down on a couple of little things, this foundation is an excellent example of just what the High Street could do for affordable cosmetics. 10/10, would and will definitely buy again.


Disclaimer: All my reviews are my own personal opinion on products that I have bought myself. I am not affiliated with any of the brands I review on The Static Gypsy, and will always give an honest and frank opinion about anything I post. All products used are purchased, and any brand gifts or affiliations will be mentioned beforehand. Any affiliations will not affect my review process and all opinions given will always be honest.

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