Happy Sunday guys! This week I’m starting a new series of occasional posts breaking down my favourite makeup must-haves. Starting with the most important of all – the tools of your trade.

What you use and how you apply products is pretty key to creating that perfect finish to any face, so it stands to reason that the brushes and other tools you use should be chosen carefully. Everyone will have their own personal favourites, and whatever works for you is great. These are just my top 5 key tools that I like to keep in my kit and use every day.

Beauty Blender


A Beauty Blender or similar product (like the Real Techniques Miracle Complexion Sponge)  is my favourite way to apply foundation. I find brushes leave my foundation looking a little streaky, but a Beauty Blender helps me create that smooth, sheer finish. It also makes it really easy to build the level of coverage, as well as blend my concealer and foundation seamlessly together. I use the original Beauty Blender, but the Real Techniques dupe gets amazing reviews and it’s a fraction of the cost.

Fluffy Powder Brush


A big fluffy, soft powder brush is essential to me. I use it to set my foundation on a daily basis by dipping it straight into my powder, or to sweep away excess powder after baking my concealed areas. Also really useful if like me, you can be a bit heavy-handed with the contour or blush and sometimes need to dull it down a bit! I’ve had my Mac 150 Large Powder Brush for donkey’s years, but there’s a ton of other brands that make excellent powder brushes.

Contour Brush


A good contour brush is a beautiful thing – it can take your contour game from a muddy mess to cheekbones that could “cut a bitch” as NikkieTutorials would say! Since NYX Cosmetics launched in the UK, I’ve been using their Pro Brush 05 Contour and I love it. Small enough to get into the hollows of the cheeks and soft enough to really blend out that contour to a beautifully soft, diffused finish. I also love the fact that NYX is a drugstore brand and cruelty free (something I’m trying to incorporate into my makeup kit more and more).

Fan Brush


I’m a fan (pun intended) of a matte finish. I don’t like my face to be shiny, but I do like to highlight the arch of my brows and the top of my cheekbones – I just feel like it makes me look a little healthier. A fan brush is the easiest way I’ve found of dusting a soft highlight powder over the cheekbones to really make them glow. I use the NYX Pro Brush 06 Fan for my cheek highlight. It’s a really dense fan brush, which would make it perfect for other powder products or even just removing baking excess.

Small Angled Brush


There are so many uses for a small angled brush! From gel liner to precision nose contour to brows, if I had one small angled brush for everything I use them for I’d have… Well, a lot of them! This one pictured is the NYX Pro Brush 19 Angled, which I use to fill in my brows with the NYX Brow Gel. I like this brush for my brows because it isn’t super soft; the bristles have a firmness to them that makes filling in my brows really easy and quick. I wouldn’t really use this exact brush for a gel liner as it’s maybe a little thick for that, but that’s just my opinion.

So there we go – my top 5 tools for my ideal makeup kit. There’s so many more essentials I have, so watch this space for future instalments of this “Makeup Must-Haves” series and to see what else I keep in my kit.


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