Happy Sunday everyone! So, this week I made the dangerous and beautiful discovery of Sephora‘s international shipping. I’ll have a review of the skincare I ordered in a few weeks, once I’ve really tested it’s metal on my skin type, but today I’m going to focus on this pale skin, gothic, lash-centric look.


Shoutout to Sephora for not only shipping my order really quickly, but also relatively cheaply and in perfect condition. Definitely so much more efficient than some British companies I’ve used in the past, and they have such a great selection too. Just be aware UK girls, some things can’t be shipped here from the States due to customs restrictions. Anyway, see below for all the products I used for this wearable, real-world goth look!




And of course to finish the look and make sure it doesn’t go wandering, simply set with the spray of your choice; I’m still loving the NYX Matte Finish Setting Spray.

People are always a bit surprised that I use eyeshadows or liners for blush/contour/lip liner etc. but it’s really a question of making use of what you have. I don’t have a fortune to spend just on makeup, and I run the beauty aspect of this blog on a tight budget. I love the colours that my “blush” and “contour” shadows give me, but they have to be used with a very, very light hand! They are after all a black and a deep purple! The upside of that is they last me an age and using the black for a contour shade stops my face looking too warm or bronzed – I like to look as pale as I possibly can.


I’m loving the Kat Von D liquid lipsticks by the way! I’m so behind the times getting my hands on them but I bought 2 colours from Sephora, so I’ll be doing a softer, more girly look at some point in the future to try out the other shade I bought. watch this space for that and my upcoming review in a few weeks time of the Boscia product I ordered!


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