This week’s blog post is late! Forgive me, I had a whole post planned and written and then the photos were just beyond awful. So I’m putting that post off and instead this week I will be reviewing my new holy grail of eyeliners.

Nyx is still relatively new to the UK, but I’ve been buying in bulk and love every single item I have so far (side note: between Boots and Feel Unique, there’s a really good range of different products). I can’t wait for this brand to get really popular so we can have even more of their awesome range.

The ‘Two Timer’ dual ended eyeliner in jet black is quite simply the bargain of the century. I ordered mine from Boots for £8.00 and honestly it’s my new favourite thing in my makeup drawer! One end is a felt tip liquid liner, and the other end is a retractable kohl pencil tip.

The felt tip is super thin and gives a beautifully sharp line, perfect for winged liner or even just blending out the strip of falsies. Both ends are also really, really black, which makes them a great way to do a smokey eye or a Pin Up look with just one product. The good thing about a felt tip liner is that you can build it into a lovely chunky line. I love my winged liner but I like it to be bold and big. Below is a really simple, slightly smoked out winged eyeliner I did when I first got my hands on it. Just look how fine that inner corner line is!!

Now, the kohl pencil is a different beast altogether. For a start it’s as soft as a kitten! Honestly it goes on like butter. For the first time ever, in all my 25 years, I was able to tightline my eyes. I’ve tried in the past but I’ve found all my other pencil liners to be a bit too hard and it’s just uncomfortable. The kohl end of the ‘Two Timer’ eyeliner is so easy to work with. I tightline my eyes whenever I can now and it makes such a difference to how my lashes look. My beauty therapist even asked me the other day if I was wearing falsies! I chalk that up to tightlining my eyes combined with my new favourite mascara (more of that to come at a later date). Also, shout out to The Balm’s Mary-Lou Manizer for making a pale sister glow like a nightlight!



Verdict: for £8.00 you can’t possibly find anything wrong with this eyeliner. But… and there is a ‘but’ – my mum and I both bought this eyeliner at different times, and both of us found that the ends were labelled the wrong way round. It’s a minor thing, but if it says kohl on the felt tip end and vice versa, that’s just a lack of attention to detail. Still, considering all the ideas I have for it now I’ve got it, you can’t say it’s not value for money! 10/10 will buy again 🙂


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Great makeup looks! I love NYX products, this eyeliner seems amazing.


Thank you so much! It’s brilliant, and I’m usually a gel liner girl!


Love the eyeliner! I love NYX but i’ve never tried their liquid liner before. Xx


I’d love to try a couple of their other liners too but this one is a great start!

Let me know what you think...